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Kimmage rant at Jim Gavin - 11 Like(s)
Some people need to wise up. jim Gavin gives the media nothing for a very good reason, they twist even the simplest thing into something else. Mickey harte last year after the all ireland was interviewed and the headline read harte says Tyrone would have taken dubs in final. I read the interview there was not once in the entire interview did he say that, they completely twisted anything in the interview to make a headline. last week Mick bohan answered a question regarding Cora Staunton and again very similarly his words were turned from complimenting something and turned into a negative to stoke headlines and it worked as the mayo management refrenced it and staunton wouldn't even look at bohan when he went up to get and shook her hand after the game on Sunday. people need to look at the facts you don't see good news as the main headlines on the rte news everyday for a reason the media thrive off negative stories so why would the manager of the most scrutinized team in the country leave his hand out to be slapped.

hill16no1man (National) - 26/09/2017 10:38:31

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 7 Like(s)
A very interestong piece in the irish independent today, maybe the hoganstand posters are getting through to some journalists. here is a main part taken from the article. If one brand doesn't suit, there are always lots of alternatives. I was reminded of that in Lansdowne Road last Saturday for the Ireland-New Zealand rugby Test. It was part of the 'Guinness Series', a commercial handle attached to Ireland's November internationals. Fair enough. Modern-day sport worldwide is wrapped in layers of sponsorship so why shouldn't the IRFU sup happily with the Guinness people? There are, of course, arguments over the morality of allowing alcoholic drink companies sponsor sport. France have banned it since 1991 and pressure is growing elsewhere for a similar approach. For now, though, it's legal in Ireland and Britain so the IRFU and Pro12 are entitled to line up their deals. Guinness, in turn, are merely doing a job to promote their product when they adorn Lansdowne Road with advertising. Subtle it certainly wasn't. A giant on-pitch Guinness inflatable swayed in the evening breeze before the game, while the company name was also emblazoned on the halfway line and behind both sets of posts. Naturally, the post pads were emblazoned too while the name flickered repeatedly on the advertising hoardings. However, let us backtrack to the period when Guinness were sponsoring the hurling championships. From the day they came aboard in 1995 to when they departed in 2013, the GAA were regularly attacked for dealing with a drinks company. Every year, without fail, the launch of the championship was followed by a blitz of criticism on how the GAA were allegedly corrupting the social fabric of the country through their deal with Guinness. Now, the GAA never had the Guinness name emblazoned on pitches or posts (imagine the apoplexy that would have caused?) but the sponsorship was still targeted relentlessly and vociferously by doctors, politicians, various lobby groups and assorted others. There was internal criticism too, led by former GAA president Dr Mick Loftus. A man of the highest honour and integrity, he argued passionately (and still does) for an end to all sports sponsorship by alcoholic drinks companies. But what of the others? Have you read or heard much criticism of the IRFU for taking the drink shilling? Were radio phone-in programmes jammed with callers protesting over Guinness' huge presence in and around Lansdowne Road last Saturday? So why the double standards? Where are the many doctors and others who had plenty to say about the GAA, yet appear tongue-tied when it comes to rugby? Actually, this isn't double standards anymore - it's sheer bloody hypocrisy.

hill16no1man (National) - 23/11/2016 14:51:49

Unequal Championship - 6 Like(s)
I'm amazed how many times we have the same thread but hats off to the inventivness of a different title each time haha. Longford beat down in the qualifiers. limerick beat Antrim in the qualifiers. Laois beat Armagh twice in the qualifiers. the so called cannon fodder of Leinster and Munster are beating the tough dour hard Ulster teams so maybe just maybe its not that Ulster is as strong as they believe it to be.

hill16no1man (National) - 03/07/2016 17:58:08

No Tricolour or National Anthem at GAA Matches - 6 Like(s)
It seems it's the usual those few who cannot be bothered to learn the anthem want rid of it bla bla bla it's in irish because its the anthem of ireland only in modern Ireland would you find so lazy and ignorant people. It's always the same more English than the English themselves type who look for everything that has traditional values to this country to be gotten rid of. Wouldn't be surprised if they were looking for eastenders theme tune instead at this rate. I love out national anthem I always enjoy it being played before our games, it's a reminder of where the gaa came from and how it was formed,yes we have moved on from them times but it does not mean we should forget our history, if it helps boost people's interest in our language all the better. I love the fact that we display information in both irish and English on public buildings transportation and other areas, just because it don't benifit every single person don't mean it should be gotten rid of.

hill16no1man (National) - 29/11/2016 20:19:57

Dublin refusing to do one-on-one broadcast interviews - 6 Like(s)
What a load of rubbish on here. All based on where your from it seems as nobody on here wanted to condem Brendan Murphy for verbally abusing the same linesman in that game and he then had the ability to get his red card overturned and no case to answer over his verbal abuse again nobody on here choose to comment on that just Connolly. then Murphy gets sent off again yesterday for second game running the horror of it all no calling out on his character on here, no suggesting the chc got it wrong and yesterday proved that no no no he's a Carlow man remember not a dub i hear haha seems Dublins win yesterday has gotten under the skin of a lot on here

hill16no1man (National) - 26/06/2017 10:35:47

Giant Flags on Hill16 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To cavanman47:  "Then don't buy from them. Simples. But why boycott them?? What have they done to cause the flag ban to be imposed?"
i dont buy them and never have. the fact is there seems to be one rule for people on the hill and no rules for people in the stands. there was a guy near me the last day whos sister was in the cusack stand and brought two kids they bought bottles and were allowed in their seats with caps on but he bought a bottle for his 4 year old and they wouldnt allow the child have the bottle cap. they put a large screen in front of the hill yet not in front of any other part of the stadium to prevent pitch invasions, yet then allow every man woman and child on the pitch in grounds around the country. where is the sense in all that??? yet as a health and safety issue a flag can not be allowed move back and forth for what a mere five minutes yet they oversell the hill for most Dublin matches and have people standing in the aisle ways blocking access to the exits if anybody needed it, which sounds like more of a health and safety issue ????

hill16no1man (National) - 26/07/2017 16:48:58

Fitzmaurice's Comments - 5 Like(s)

Replying To JoeSoap:  "Well what do we think of EF's comments on Dublin's physicality? I think past the headlines it's pretty reasonable stuff. To be fair to the Dubs, I don't think any of their squad care what kind of challenge is put in front of them, they'll mix it any which way you want and that is why they are so good. But I do agree with Fitzmaurice that the media love to paint it a certain way. A lot is forgiven because they are such a brilliant attacking team, but not many talked about the off the ball fouling of Ryan McHugh last year for example. Before this gets a load of Dubs getting defensive, of course all the teams are at it. I guess my only point would be that I agree with Fitzmaurice here, nobody is whiter than white when it comes to these tactics. Sometimes we start it, sometimes you start it, it's all about winning at the end of the day. No shame in that."
Smacks of James horan 2012 to me. I haven't heard anybody from inside the Dublin camp complain about physicality, yesterday Philly McMahon was interviewed and said why wouldn't they use physicality to try and win. as for his orchestrated media on Lee Keegan it's a bit laughable really as it's Keegan who is targetting players and because he finally got caught in the act (or rather actually awarded a black card instead of ref copping out with two yellows) somehow he is the victim, it was fitzmaurice own county men who came out preaching for people to target Connolly off the ball to try get him to react and get sent off so I see he failed to acknowledge that side of the media.

hill16no1man (National) - 05/04/2017 10:50:25

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 4 Like(s)
I was in Limerick yesterday and a relative had a ticket going to waste and asked me to go to thomond park to see the munster xv play the maori xv in the friendly last night.. So I got a perfect insight for this thread. have to say I enjoyed what was going on on the pitch in terrible conditions munster xv played well and really wanted to win and deserved to win. the maori xv to be honest didnt look all that bothered, they looked more like a bunch of guys thrown together and deservedly got nothing. I was on the terrace at side of the pitch and most glaring thing of the whole experience didnt happen on the pitch at all. Throughout the entire game I was amazed just how much people were devoted to alcochol. you are allowed bring the alcohol up with you and drink it on the terrace, while your watching the match. myself and the two people with me were the only people who had not got a cardboard holder which allowed you hold 4 pints of beer. the entire match i found myself having to move to allow people up and down up and down to go out and get more alcohol and bring it back up. it was a constant flow. In fact one guy went up and down to the bar 5 times in the first half alone each time coming back with the cardboard thing of 4 pints. By the time the last twenty minutes of the match came there was women included hardly able to stand from the amount they had drank. there was a group of lads in their early 30tys just talking and not even watching the game just like they were in a bar and two women one of which had her back turned away from the pitch for the entire second half talking away. They must make an absolute fortune on alcohol in thomond park. for me I had to wonder how they can enjoy the actual match when they get that much drink, it seems a massive waste of money when they couldjust sit in the pub and have the game on the tv saving you money. the tickets were 20 on the terrace and I think 40 for stand just for a friendly that had a lot of academy players playing seemed very expensive. I wonder if they did like they do with hill16 and make you have to consume the alcohol underneath the terraces at the bar would they loose an awful lot of people from attending matches as it seems a very big part of the whole rugby event. It must surely frustrate the actual hardcore supporters who go to the matches to watch and enjoy the action on the pitch that they have to put up with making room for others to constantly stream out to the bar and bring alcochol back up spilling more and more around them as the game goes on.

hill16no1man (National) - 12/11/2016 19:48:24

Does Diarmuid Connolly have his own rules? - 4 Like(s)
Man some of ye must never have played the game Yeah Connolly was silly to let it get to him but how has nobody suggested what westmeath were doing is very poor sportsmanship. we had a hullabaloo all last week over I Shea diving and how it's cheating yet not so much as a single poster mentions the bad sportsmanship shown by westmeath to goad and down right entice somebody into something. Their manager has even admitted it after they pre planned to go after him. What's the player to do in my opinion this best thing to do is turn and point at the scoreboard and show the aggressors that's where we will do our talking yet when Alan brogan done that before to the same treatment he was labelled as showboating. The refs have a rule where they can give a black card to players abusing another player But had there been one given since the black card was introduced? What's the other options connolly has? He went to the ref already before that incident to inform him he was been targeted and it didn't do much good. So you come to the conclusion you ignore him and let him intimidate you and walk all over you and then what as Jim Gavin says we expect our players to stand up for themselves so if Connolly allows them to intimidate and walk all over him he will be taken off by management for not standing up for himself. For me people whinge about diving and all sorts in the gaa but condone abusive behaviours from teams to try and get player's sent off as means to try winning a game.

hill16no1man (National) - 17/07/2016 19:56:14

A plea to Parnell Park - 4 Like(s)
Hahahahahahaha All this from a Meath man who regularly visits the dinosaur that is pairc tailteann. seriously you should have been at the Dublin club final between plunketts and vincents couple years ago that was Parnell park packed to the rafters literally standing in the stand no room on the path at side terrace yet nobody had any problems it went off smoothly. Didn't realise the meathers were that soft these days, make sure you bring the hand sanitizer the bars might not be swept since Louth v Wicklow haha oh maybe an idea bring a bottle of water with you before you go the ground haha come on man Parnell is similiar to most county grounds of its size. Louth and Meath both have run down grounds for home venues surely of all counties ye shouldn't be overly fussed at facilities at this stage.

hill16no1man (National) - 27/05/2017 13:36:38

Dublin vs Monaghan - 4 Like(s)
It's dissapointing to see comments on here that are so biased, McManus actually catches Cooper around the head it should have been a straight red card if anything for striking, yet the same people came on here saying rules are rules and condemning Connolly for touching a linesman chest, get a grip and look at the game without hatred to one team. actually thaught the ref had one of the best performance of any red this year last night he got most calls spot on.

hill16no1man (National) - 06/08/2017 14:17:45

Dublin v Carlow - 4 Like(s)
It's a football match not a drinking or music festival Regardless of opposition there's a game to be won and played. opposition and venue irrelevant dubs win and perform is the only thing that matters. Bit disrespectful to Carlow from the posters as i think they deserve more credit than wexford as they have just beat them.

hill16no1man (Dublin) - 21/05/2017 23:17:36

Leagues over, now bring on the zzzzz........ - 4 Like(s)
Oh boo hoo more whinging If ye don't like it go watch other sports that run that way. People whinges when league was on that it means nothing, if there was an Olympic sport for whinging this country would be odds on for good.

hill16no1man (National) - 25/04/2017 22:02:19

Peter McKenna hits back at Michael Duignan - 4 Like(s)
I think he caught Michael with his pants down on this one, he has the cheek to tweet about watching lions rugby on sky but whinge the next day about it

hill16no1man (National) - 15/07/2017 08:01:13

Lee Keegan throwing GPS at Rock? - 3 Like(s)
could you imagine if connolly done this the media and hoganstand would explode but keegan seems to be given the badge of honour time after time for doing whatever it takes to unsettle players.

hill16no1man (National) - 18/09/2017 15:18:48

Has the Press gone all Anti Gaa - 3 Like(s)
Main reason is soccer is English. The players all play and live in England You have to realise Ireland don't actually have a national media. The world media is run by four companies from American and Britain. They get paid big time to promote soccer ahead of any local sport and money talks in business. Ireland's fascination with all things English isn't by accident it's like sky sports ability to promote premier league the media do the same world wide soccer. As Michael Collins would say they are gulling you into believing what they tell you. Anyway the soccer will come and go in two weeks and the win loose we are on the boos brigades will fold up their rep of Ireland jerseys for another four years to be replaced by their British club jerseys who they actually support all year round not just when they have a big game. So the bandwagon will wheel off as quick as it rolled into town.

hill16no1man (National) - 29/06/2016 11:19:53

Kimmage rant at Jim Gavin - 3 Like(s)
this guy kimmage only seems to pop up in the news to speak negative about any sport be it gaa soccer, rugby cycling. i dont think i have heard him ever do an article or interview that was not whinging. i dont even know if he played sport himself or what i just see kimmage complains again after any big event. he obviously doesnt understand a winning mentality, seems hes annoyed that when gavin was asked about mayo loosing a whole 20 minutes or so after his own team won,hes annoyed that gavin reefrenced loosing the league final to show he knows what its like standing out there after a defeat. the guy must not be very intelligent if he cannot see that maybe thats what makes gavin so successful that loosing a league final to people like him might be nothing as hes probably a guy who only looks at gaa in august and september but gavin manages dublin all year round and was going for 5 in a row of national league titles and it was his first time not to win the national league title since he took over dublin, so loosing that day was something he used throughout the championship more than likely as fuel to drive the players and himself on. who is he to demean the national league or who is he to suggest jim gavin doesnt celebrate winning. people celebrate in different ways, i dont drink so to him he must think i didnt celebrate the all ireland this year because i didnt get smashed,people can celebrate in different ways and not have to jump around the field like a madman, maybe the satisfaction of winning means more to gavin than anybody else maybe he enjoys the moments during the games, maybe he enjoys the moments as a team in the dressing room together, maybe he enjoys celebrating with his family, just because he doesnt give mr kimmage all he wants to see and here gives him no right to try and degrade a persons charachter. narrow minded person is what mr kimmage is portraying himself as. wheres as jim gavin will continue to enjoy the three in a row in his own way.

hill16no1man (National) - 25/09/2017 15:33:30

Kerry dominance in Munster - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Jack_Goff:  "The most embarrassing thing about this championship is, it isn't even celebrated. same as the leinster football and hurling championships. When the winning teams supporters can't be bothered celebrating a title you know their provincial competition has gone to crap. If I could wipe kerry, Killkenny and Dublin off the map overnight I would. And I'd be doing everyone in ireland a massive favour too. The damage these 3 have done to the organisation isn't even funny."
Why because they have brought the standards up and raised the bar? Instead of whinging and typical irish mentality why not raise your own levels.

hill16no1man (National) - 03/07/2016 18:19:31

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 3 Like(s)

Replying To GreenandRed:  "You still went Hill and I'd love to go, but pissed people ruining the game for me would wreck myvhead.Unfortunate that a lot were drunk and misbehaving. I think you're a closet rugby supporter! Rightfully not a fan of some of the snobs or drunken latchacos that'd ruin the game for you. But you'd watch a good game on the telly maybe? But GAA is always number 1."
I am honest as they come il watch nearly any sport as enjoy nearly all them give or take. obviously GAA is my favourite and what I have always loved since a very young age, I have always felt a magic about it like no other sport. Im a huge horse racing man next and darts would follow that and then league of ireland soccer and champions league soccer. I have no time for our so called national soccer team as its a pharse, thats for another time though haha. rugby I felt was far better to watch in the 90tys and early 00tys I enjoyed the 5 nations and that then, you didnt have to listen to the stuff we are subjected to now(or maybe I was young and didnt notice it haha) nowadays its just too much overhyping like the premier league, some of the rugby players in ireland think their movie stars, they have huge egos for some reason without any justification of it. theres so much media b.s. about it just puts me off it these days. its never been played near where im from or I dont even know anybody who played it from dublin either growing up or now. I wouldnt say im a supporter at all I just keep up to date with nearly all sports, I went with in laws to thomond as they are from limerick, I have never been to landsdowne road or a rugby ground in dublin full stop like. Yeah id watch a game on the tv if I happen to be sitting down like I would most sports though.

hill16no1man (National) - 26/12/2016 17:08:20

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 3 Like(s)
Seriously avoid rte2 today!!! 11.15 to 20.45 is non stop rugby. 9 and a half hours that's taking the michael if there ever was.

hill16no1man (National) - 11/03/2017 14:19:25