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Benefits top 4 teams enjoy - 14 Like(s)

Replying To golfcar:  "P Spillane commented yesterday on all county's spending huge amounts on inter county teams which I believe is true but I think the top 4 are now at professional levels of preparation , Mayo have a top class S&C although probably with Mayo before joining Arsenal(this shows how will thought off he is) & Dublin players have meals delivered to them,these teams are now at new levels and now makes it impossible almost for outside teams to compete"
I've had loads of meals delivered to me, Chinese, Indian, Pizzas etc. Never improved my substandard footballing abilities....

GreenandRed (National) - 08/08/2017 10:51:31

Congrats Mayo - Well Done ....... - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "Cant believe we were beaten. Honestly didnt see it coming lads. I have to admit, I secretly was far more confident that I let on. Look Mayo, ye deserve it. Well done and congrats. Here's hoping we get a crack at ye next year to atone. We didnt perform atall. Well done lads. (wait.....what.........?? We didnt lose.....but......having read social media, mainstream media and general comment in the last few days its all Mayo Mayo Mayo........hang on.......whats the story!? We are still in it!!! Well feck that!! I was sure i Saw lads from all over the gaff congratulating Mayo for the last few days!!! Well in that case.............)"
That auld Drumcondra monsoon must have cleared up. Better fishing conditions this morning. Poor enough effort compared to previous enthralling threads though I'd have to say.

GreenandRed (National) - 20/09/2016 11:18:24

€12 for Croker crackers. - 8 Like(s) Dublin v Waterford at 5. Dublin v Mayo at 7. 2 cracking games for just €12 if you pre-buy tickets. Where can you get better value for a sporting occasion anywhere in the world? Should be a good few neutrals there too. May the best teams win.

GreenandRed (National) - 27/02/2017 16:12:03

Philly McMahon's half time talk. - 7 Like(s)
He's a winner, on and off the pitch. End of.

GreenandRed (National) - 22/05/2016 14:24:14

A GAA community perspective on Dublin's plans - 7 Like(s)
This is for the Dublin forum.

GreenandRed (National) - 28/10/2016 14:10:24

The Dubs Propaganda Machine - 6 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "I have to put john Costello's piece from his state of the Dublin GAA address during the week into the dubs propaganda thread. There were some classics in it saying they have to battle for the minds of the young people in Dublin after winning 5 allirelands. Funny man john."
Not as funny as you. A real Kerryman wouldn't take the Dubs dominance lying down and start bellyaching at every opportunity. Especially with such a conveyor belt of underage talent coming through. 2014 was only three years ago. No one thinks this anything but yerra.

GreenandRed (National) - 17/12/2017 14:16:52

Life, death and hurling. - 6 Like(s)
link This is tragic and uplifting. Look out for each lads and lassies.

GreenandRed (National) - 05/12/2017 05:46:32

Where does the money go ? - 6 Like(s)

Replying To supersub15:  "If my memory serves me right about 2/3 years ago it was said that the two wealthiest amateur organisations in the world was 1. The vatican. 2. The gaa, however for the obvious reasons that may now be reversed"
Sure them Vatican lads are all on pay for pray contracts.

GreenandRed (National) - 21/09/2016 00:39:42

Confess Your Really Unpopular View/Opinion - 6 Like(s)
If GAA top brass aren't cateful the intercounty scene will be dead by 2030. They plan to create a top tier of elite counties and care little about narrowing standards between top and bottom. By 2030 GAA people in so-called weaker counties will ignore inter-county games and concentrate on their clubs. A pessimistic opinion I know but there's some gap in the love of grassroots people looking after their clubs and top brass not looking out for standards in all counties.

GreenandRed (National) - 23/02/2018 19:51:17

A truly historic weekend ahead for Dublin GAA - 6 Like(s)
Congratulations to Dublin. A great record for a great team.

GreenandRed (National) - 18/03/2017 21:35:18

Paraic Duffy to step down as Director-General of the GAA - 6 Like(s)
He wanted to make the strong counties stronger and the weak weaker. The Super 8 will probably increase the gap. His floating of the plan to have a tiered championship will make the gap even bigger. I listened to him on Off The Ball and heard him say a massive part of the Sky deal was so that expats in Britain could see games. That's alright then. No matter that many cannot afford or have any broadband that they could access Sky Sports here in the 32 counties. It is important that expanded s can watch games live but is GAA Go not gonna give them that? I think he's a smug arrogant man, purely my own point of view.

GreenandRed (National) - 25/01/2018 21:38:41

Clucko - I doff my cap - 5 Like(s)
The greatest keeper ever. One I'd curse when we play the Dubs but absolutely admire as a footballer and how he conducts himself. Congratulations.

GreenandRed (National) - 04/08/2017 18:54:58

Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To MuckrossHead:  "[quote=jimbodub:  "[quote=MuckrossHead:  "Give it a rest Muck Seriously projecting your own geopolitical frustrations over the last while... I've read a bit of your comments over the last few days and very glad Mes wised you up before I got a chance to do so.. the sheer ignorance of that particular post speaks volumes and tells me you can't see beyond your own nose a wee bit no? jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 18357 - 26/07/2018 11:17:38 Jimbo, the day ever comes when you get a chance to "wise me up" will be a sad and sorry day indeed in Muckross Towers"
Yeah yeah Muck "Why did Dublin do it" Pfffhh"]Jimbo, so many posts, such little sense."]Zero sense.

GreenandRed (National) - 27/07/2018 23:58:00

Roscommon v Meath - 5 Like(s)

Replying To 11jm11:  "Roscommon : Current Connaught Champs, narrowly beaten by Mayo in all Ire Semi, recent division 1 experience, numerous Connaught minor and u21 success in recent years, playing at home Meath: Hammered by Kildare, scraped by Sligo and beaten by avg donegal team, no recent division 1 experience, no recent underage success at minor and u21, playing away. As a betting man, you can only look at the facts and for me its Ros by 6/7.."
Not narrowly and not semi.

GreenandRed (National) - 21/01/2018 09:43:22

Dublin v Kerry call it in a word / winning margin. - 5 Like(s)
Draw. Replay in Limerick !

GreenandRed (National) - 25/08/2016 19:06:44

Funniest moment of the year in the GAA world - 5 Like(s)
Grown men on Ireland's premium GAA forum posting Laugh Out Loud replies.

GreenandRed (National) - 17/11/2016 20:49:28

Dubs out of Abbottstown - 5 Like(s)

Replying To curnew:  "Now Dubs took their dumb bells out of Abbottstown - I wonder where and what will Croke Park build for them now ?"
Croke Park is a stadium. It was built. It does not build. Easy enough to understand. For most people.......

GreenandRed (National) - 12/01/2018 22:55:09

Does GAA get fair coverage compared to soccer and rugby - 5 Like(s)
Part 2- The IRFU preside over a professional game. They have less attendances than GAA but rely heavily on marketing because they have to pay their players. Money makes money and many members and players are wealthy and come from finance and marketing backgrounds. It's not coincidence that they have marketing people who can put a positive spin on what's initially seen as a negative. After losing to Argentina in the World Cup, a bad news story you'd think, they're out at the airport kissing babies. Very many of you hate rugby, each to their own I say but I think this is genius marketing. CJ Stander was rightly sent off for peeling the head off Lambie. Very definitely a negative. But following the win, the redcard incident does the round in the media Youtube Vines etc but the lasting impression is not only did Ireland beat The Boks in South Africa but they did so with 14 men for 60 minutes and 13 for part of that!!! Anti-rugby people won't appreciate that but it's very smart spindoctoring. Seems when any media gives a negative report in a GAA story their marketing department do little to dampen it down. Leinster Rugby have radio ads for any matches that aren't sold out. Speculating to accumulate might get some new supporters off the ads. GAA top brass are content to do little marketing outside traditional GAA support in comparison. So RTE do have a kind of bias against GAA it seems but the GAA top brass does our game few favours. This rant contains very few facts and is purely my own opinion.

GreenandRed (National) - 15/06/2016 20:09:45

Confess Your Really Unpopular View/Opinion - 5 Like(s)

Replying To JDF:  "Dublin are overrated and not too many of their older players will go down as all time greats apart from Cluxton & Brogan although the likes of Fenton & O'Callaghan They don't have any weaknesses though and ridiculously strong bench gets them out of any trouble they might be in."
They have great players but I think their real strength is their mental toughness and their sum is greater than their parts. Very definitely not overrated.

GreenandRed (National) - 01/03/2018 18:24:02

Mayo v Derry - 5 Like(s)
The ref didn't kick the wides that would have won us the game in Salthill. Nor in Limerick in 2014. Long past time we started to fix what we can rather than blaming outside influences for our own failings.

GreenandRed (National) - 23/06/2017 12:05:38