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Longford V Meath - 18 Like(s)
It'd be great to see an upset. To see one of the minnows have their day in the sun and give a little joy to the long suffering fans but I just can't see it I'm afraid. Longford by 2.

MesAmis (National) - 15/05/2018 14:46:08

Two Different Sets Of Rules - 11 Like(s)

Replying To gaelicgab:  "Diarmuid O'Connor receives a straight red card for an elbow on Paul Conroy last weekend. John Conlon commits a very similar offence on Daniel Kearney today and walks away with just a yellow card. I'm not sure if the referee even awarded a foul for Conlon's challenge. The linesman pulled him up on it afterwards. Two different sets of rules for football and hurling it seems."
It's almost like they're different sports.

MesAmis (National) - 20/05/2018 19:14:46

Time To Confess - 8 Like(s)

Replying To MuckrossHead:  "A great post that made me sit down & take a long look at my own attitude to Dublin. On the surface I agree with a lot of what was said but when I really thought about it I came to the conclusion that what is really annoying me about Dublin & the GAA at the moment is that it is a microcosm of what I see happening throughout the country in general. Dublin is prospering at the moment but rural Ireland especially the western seaboard is dying on its feet & the powers that be seem to be happy enough to let it happen. In my own town our one national school has just 120 children down from 230 in the space of 20 years & it is the same everywhere in South West Donegal. We have a great young team at the moment, holding both senior championship & League but once this team is gone then that's it. Yes, the coaching & work with kids will go on but the numbers simply aren't there & it breaks my heart to see it. What is hard to take is that nobody seemes to give a damn & keep feeding the beast that is Dublin while the rest of us suffer. The same applies to the GAA who in funding terms alone treat Dublin differently to the extent that we can no longer compete. Add in the corrupt way games are being fixed & scheduled & anger is not the word to describe how I feel. Now I know this is not Dublins doing but the blue jersey laying waste to everyone it meets is dispiriting in the extreme and if things continue on there won't be a GAA as we knew it in 10 years time. Again this is not Dublins doing,they are a great team with a great manager but when I see them I can't help but feel upset at the injustice of it all."
On the whole economic tough times undoubtedly still an issue in Donegal and elsewhere and just cannot agree with the narrative of Dublin getting everything at the expense of everyone else. I could take you on a tour of my city and you'll see some things that might make you think a little more about the growing inequality in Ireland, Dublin very much included. Dublin is a big place and the inequality in the city is growing year on year. Those that have the most, whether they be in Dublin or Donegal are benefiting and doing well Muck. The rest are being left behind, regardless of where they live.

MesAmis (National) - 24/07/2018 13:10:57

Gooch on Tyrone - 7 Like(s)
And what did ye get for drawing that game? KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts:5939 - 03/10/2017 22:30:23   2052873  A replay! I thought that much was obvious! Something Kerry could never get in the 00s off Tyrone.

MesAmis (National) - 03/10/2017 22:48:36

Dublin Vs Donegal - 7 Like(s)

Replying To westkerry:  "Best team won, that last 15 minutes was appaling seeing out the game, call it what you want but it's poison."
Donegal kept a sweeper in front of their full back line, it was McGee by the end, and didn't push up and try and win the ball back. If Donegal, or anyteam, don't want to play even when 5 points down I really don't see why Dublin shouldn't just keep the ball. In the 73rd minute Donegal still had a sweeper back and weren't pushing up, they then eventually pushed up and Dublin attacked and Paul Flynn scored in the space McGee vacated. It's how to beat teams when they won't come out to play.

MesAmis (National) - 14/07/2018 21:47:13

GAA Athletes For A NO Vote - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "I will be destroyed for this but......
Mickey Harte has no business even commenting on this issue as it has nothing to do with him. He is not resident in the ROI. This referendum is for ROI not Ireland as a whole."
Completely disagree with you Liam. This vote, although only being voted on by those resident in the ROI, has implications for everyone on the island. Realistically if abortion is freely available in the south, that makes it a lot more available for those in the north than it is at present. It'll be easier to travel to Letterkenny or Dundalk than it is to England. There are people campaigning, for both Yes and No, from the north because this result will directly affect them. To say that this vote won't have an effect on the north is very far wide of the mark. Of course those in the north are entitled to have their say, ludicrous to think otherwise.

MesAmis (National) - 23/04/2018 12:40:34

Mayo Ladies Walk Out - 7 Like(s)

Replying To arock:  "The only people making it a female issue are condescending males who barely tolerate females even as partners never mind sports people. I too have been listening to Off The Ball the way that coach behaved flies in the face of any kind of advice that a coach should follow. If a coach hurls abuse in a one and one conversation they are NOT fit to be a coach its not allowed in the work place, in school on our streets, just because its a sports arena doesn't make it right. The fact he spoke alone to these players speaks volumes he ignored his own player liaison officer, he abused his capt he lost the plot and now half the dressing room. The chap had a player liaison officer right? a great choice that turned out to be. Some players who were selected have backed the players, they are not all from one club yet one club was targeted illegally by the county board and they had to back track on that one. They made a balls of the mediation, I would imagine the county board is only too happy to put the boot into the only club targeted. Imagine if that happened in Dublin? No it wouldn't because it couldn't happen players as players are treated with dignity and respect, There is no nice way to drop players but there is a respectful way. I would wager the current management won't be around next year."
What's your take then on the majority of the Mayo players? You know the ones that disagree with your characterisation of their manager, the ones that disagree with their former captains and walk away players version of events. Are the being condescending too? That's the biggest issue for me that the majority of players back the manager, but you think you know better than these women who are playing for him? The majority of players backed the manager when the chance came to get rid. That's the key to it, it has nothing to do with gender either.

MesAmis (National) - 19/09/2018 10:25:07

Falling USFC Attendances - 6 Like(s)

Replying To REDANDBLACK30:  "I feel that the Ulster Council needs to look at its pricing structure again. There has been particular evidence this year of people being priced out/ making the decision that the cost of attending matches is too high. The match at Pairc Esler between Down and Antrim played out in front a low crowd of 5,500 which led to a subdued atmosphere. A first round game between the same two counties in 2000 attracted 16,500. Prices need to come down especially for first round USFC matches as there have been empty seats at Brewster Park, Celtic Park etc also."
35 quid a ticket might have something to do with that! Scandalous price to pay for provincial football.

MesAmis (National) - 28/05/2018 11:20:04

Tomas O Se - the King of Yerra - 6 Like(s)
The Yerra merchants were out in force all week pretending that they thought Cork had a chance today. It wasn't just Tomás, the whole Ó Sé clan was tipping Cork for a big performance. It's so patronising and disrespectful because you know that they don't believe a word of what they're saying. It's basically trolling Cork football.

MesAmis (National) - 02/07/2017 20:07:51

Car park - Clonliffe Road - 6 Like(s)
Getting the Luas from Hueston only gets you to Middle Abbey St., Busaras, or Connolly. All are min 20 mins walk from Croke Park, but a lot longer with young kids and requires walking through parts of the city that best avoided. Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts:917 - 06/08/2017 20:22:36 ???? It's not war torn Damascus bud. Thousands of us manage to live there without incident everyday believe it or not. "Area best avoided" me hole.

MesAmis (National) - 06/08/2017 21:07:24

Rochford Resigns - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Lockjaw:  "I don't think Jim McGuinness will be in the frame. He has put a lot of effort into his soccer coaching qualifications so I think if a suitable opportunity arrives, that'll be his next appointment. I find it laughable that Jim is still held up as this anti-football monster. I agree that blanket defence systems have probably had their day by now but like it or not, it was an innovative piece of thinking back then. He shook up the established order and landed us an All Ireland out of nowhere. Imitation they say is the greatest form of flattery. If people around the rest of the country were so disgusted by the methods employed by Donegal why they did they try to copy it when they hadn't the resources nor the wherewithal to implement it properly? Jim hasn't managed a GAA team in 4 years now yet he is still the boogie-man? Brolly is some craic. At the height of Donegal's success he was a McGuinness cheerleader. I have no doubt that if Tyrone manage to beat Dublin this weekend Mickey Harte will be top of the pops again too despite Joe constantly ridiculing him for the last few years. It'll never happen I know but I'd love to see Brolly take on the Mayo job. He has always championed them as the great white hope, but also ridiculed them at the same time for lacking a killer instinct when it matters most. It's easy to sit in a studio and tell yarns. Harder to commit to what is essentially a full time job with an enormous amount of pressure. I'm sure Joe is wealthy enough to take a sabbatical from his day job for a year. Would he have the nerve to do it though? Unlikely."
Yeah realistically Donegal went uber defensive for one game, the Semi-Final versus Dublin in 2011. Outside of that they had a very similar style in 2011 to Dublin that year and by 2012 they had evolved into a more attacking team that we saw land an All-Ireland and get to a final in 2014. Yet despite this a lot of people, Liam above, still parrot this line about Donegal and McGuinness being this anti-football team that invented defensive football! All based on one game, that they actually lost!

MesAmis (National) - 28/08/2018 10:15:50

Car park - Clonliffe Road - 6 Like(s)
I can't think of another part of any city or town in the 26 counties that would be less safe to walk through than the drug ravaged crime ridden hell hole that is the north inner city of Dublin. You may feel comfortable walking around there however. Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts:919 - 06/08/2017 22:38:44   20299 Hyperbolic and offensive nonsense that really should not have been allowed to be posted on this site imo. You obviously live a very sheltered life if you wouldn't walk through the North Inner City (where Croke Pk is) on a match day alongside thousands of other match goers from all over Ireland. It must amaze you that all of those thousands of people emerge from their experience unscathed.

MesAmis (National) - 06/08/2017 23:38:50

'The People's Game' - 5 Like(s)
There are more GAA clubs in Cork than there are rugby clubs in all of Ireland. The people's game? A long way to go for the rugby goys to be fair.

MesAmis (National) - 06/03/2018 20:29:24

Meath V Tyrone - 5 Like(s)
You'd be worried about McEntee on the sideline if he has to be held back by his own players to stop him having a go at the referee. Not a great look for him.

It took me a couple of slow motion replays to see that Meath should've had a free in at the death. The ref isn't superhuman lads, he had a split second the make the call.

As for the penalty. I've seen it several times in slow motion since and still can't see whether the foul occurred inside or outside the box.

As in every single game of football (or any sport for that matter), you get some calls and you don't get others. On Saturday night Meath got some calls and didn't get others, the same as Tyrone.

MesAmis (National) - 11/06/2018 08:09:50

The Dubs Propaganda Machine - 5 Like(s)

Replying To GreenandRed:  "Not as funny as you. A real Kerryman wouldn't take the Dubs dominance lying down and start bellyaching at every opportunity. Especially with such a conveyor belt of underage talent coming through. 2014 was only three years ago. No one thinks this anything but yerra."
Yerra Yerra Green and red you in Mayo couldn't possibly understand the down trodden nature of those from the Kingdom. Never has a football county in history had to overcome so many obstacles and bad luck than the poor downtrodden kingdom. Yerra you just don't get it up there in Mayo.

MesAmis (National) - 17/12/2017 14:35:28

12 stadia to make up Ireland's 2023 RWC Bid - 5 Like(s)
Sorry can't agree with you there. Why would you not rent out stadiums and showcase what the gaa has to foreigners and millions of people throughout the globe. Heck you could even showcase the stadiums to people in our own country who don't know what we have. gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts:3698 - 15/11/2016 13:17:47 A rugby cup won't showcase the GAA at all. Not definitely against it or anything but I just don't think that that is a reason for doing it. For me there are two reasons why the GAA should assist in this venture. 1. Investment in GAA facilities. 2. The negative hounding of the GAA from the private school educated media would be astronomical if they refused.

MesAmis (National) - 15/11/2016 13:52:34

Dublin Vs Donegal - 5 Like(s)

Replying To westkerry:  "Yes if it happens tomorrow I'll be disgusted. Simple. Dublin are a fine team but that was a joke at the end. More professionalism copying the Cavs or the Golden State warriors or whom ever is in fashion at the minute."
Of course it'll happen tomorrow if Galway are still playing with a sweeper and sitting back whilst Kerry are 5/6 points ahead. Neither the Kerry footballers nor Fitzmaurice are stupid. Kerry are a team I've always associated with that type of play.

MesAmis (National) - 14/07/2018 21:49:34

Kildare V Armagh - 5 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "what happened the great kildare team? told ye the meath game was your all-ireland."
Tonight really puts where Meath are in perspective though doesn't it?

MesAmis (National) - 29/07/2017 21:16:45

Dunphy on the Dubs - 5 Like(s)

Replying To SouthsideRossie:  ""..being admired and respected is one think. I don't think they will ever be loved....." Eammo, you got it in one, baby. My sentiments exactly, shared by everyone I know."
From Balbriggan to Kippure and from Lucan to the North Wall they'll be loved. What the rest of country or the odd crank thinks doesn't matter one iota.

MesAmis (National) - 23/09/2017 14:49:13

Sympathy votes - 5 Like(s)

Replying To neverright:  "The comment is not on his ability as a player but on his performances. As the Mayo poster pointed out, he was outplayed for most of the final but had a strong finish after O'Shea tired and was withdrawn."
He wasn't playing in midfield for most of the final whilst Mayo were dominant in that sector. He went to half back when McCaffrey was taken off injured in the first few minutes. Mayo's dominance of the midfield area began to wane when McCarthy was moved back there after half time. It's amazing what people see and don't see from games imo. In anyways Andy Moran was fully deserving of POTY but to suggest McCarthy was dominated by the Mayo midfield is plainly wrong seeing as it was only in the second half of the game that he was directly up against them and in that second half he was, quite simply, the dominant figure in the match.

MesAmis (National) - 07/11/2017 10:17:03