National - Have you ever been wrong ?

2001 - Galway for the senior double. So close though

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You are correct noelnyc

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'Realdub' at least I can say I wasn't wrong regards something :) Great run by yer team over the last few years, records are made to be broken!!!

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Was wrong re womens boxing , never thought in a million years Id watch one , then K Taylor came along , last pro fight a masterclass
Wrong re Dublin hurling many years ago , knew nothing about the sport never thought it would take off in the capital

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Prior to the National league final there posts on the Kerry page looking for EF to be replaced by the Kerry under 21 management team, now that to me was foolish then and even more so given results recently,
as this thread proved our Kerry friends are a little shy in openly admitting to being wrong on anything, so no names attached but an admittance on their behalf from yours truly you were wrong.

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Replying To Damothedub:  "Hoganstand is a great place for lads coming on to say I told you so , some I believe have a bank of old posts to lay their hands on just in case , however as in life everyone is wrong as often as right , so tongue in cheek what's your worst gaff ever , keep it GAA or sport related..
GAA completely wrong on Michael Fitzsimonns , never thought he'd amount to much last year .
About six seven years ago I said B Cody and Kilkenny were finished.
But my biggest misjudgement I told all my mates when a certain Tiger Woods turned professional that he was overrated all hype opps."
I was wrong about Kerry this year. I believed they would be very dominant in two or three years and thought they may have had a year or two where they fade away to third or fourth best(before they come back better than before)...but (so far) seem to be slowly picking up pace and I still feel they will be dominant in three years time with all that youth and a slightly older Dublin team...That been said Dublin may have a crop of U-21's this year and Mayo just never seem to go away but in the long term I think Kerry will have a few consistent good years in the future.

Could be wrong about us too this year(with Donegal's new youth) but I still reckon either us or Monaghan will get Ulster. Something about that Monaghan team this year.

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At the beginning of the year I completely wrote Donegal off due to retirements and because a few players had made themselves unavailable, I thought it would be years before we saw Donegal back as a serious team.

They've proved me wrong with their league form and how they've blooded so many younger players and I can see them winning an Ulster title and making the last 4.

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No, never. Well, I am a female and we are NEVER wrong!:)

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Replying To Jackeen:  "No, never. Well, I am a female and we are NEVER wrong!:)"
My wife was wrong in 2008 , or so I thought turns out it was a mistake on my behalf hasn't happened since

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Replying To jimbodub:  "Whoops wrong again

Just remeasured

It's actually 10.8 inches"
Jaysus Jimbo that's an awful small hurley!

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Replying To noelnyc:  "I was convinced that Dublin would beat Kerry in 1975, 1978, 1979, 1984, 1985, 2001 and 2009. So, so wrong was I :)"
Snap! I was convinced Kerry would beat Dublin in 2011,2013,2015and 2016! How wrong was I?

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