National - Exiles hit back in emigration debate

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The only fantasy on here MesAmis, is you thinking that people cant see through your stance on this subject.


..............and you've really covered yourself in glory with your ever changing stances and inability to explain yourself.

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts:11325 - 08/03/2013 17:01:38   1345578


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This thread needs to renamed to the

"I'm a better debater than you... no you're not.. Yes I am..." Thread

But we all know themasterdebater around here


Fair point, crude but fair!

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts:11325 - 08/03/2013 17:02:17   1345579


The smallest province has 5 counties

Dublin proposed they be a Province so the logical conclusion is they see themselves as more than just a county.

Now its possible the Dubs "over-reached" !!!! But if "Blue Wave" works then I would see Dublin having a lot more players than at present which means a lot more players of inter-county standard. Now how do they propose catering for those extra inter-county standard players ?

As they are doing at present with 2 County hurling teams (Dublin & Fingal) or as they do at Developement level ( how many Under 14, 14, 16 teams & how are these "divided" ??).

Now I dont see much happening for 10 or 20 years ( Blue Wave expected results faster) but its the Dubs choice if they cater for the players or not.

And no I am not a new poster and not even a Kildare man, even worse, a BIFFO who has to eat humble pie every day I see out Footballers & Hurlers !!!

KELF (Kildare) - Posts:775 - 08/03/2013 17:29:13   1345603


To paraphrase Winston Churchill, "Never have so many spoken so much about so little".

MuckrossHead (Donegal) - Posts:4278 - 08/03/2013 21:47:31   1345735


London winning today after a few counties just about beating london evidence of the stronger club scene in the UK capital..from what i'm led to believe there are many other footballers in london who would strength london further but cant commit with the travel/work set up..

hurler32 (Limerick) - Posts:797 - 09/03/2013 21:58:16   1346148