National - GAA Novel

Cheers for the input lads and thanks for the suggestions on names OntheWhiteside and OffalyBigBall both good and one with a stroke of marketing genius I might add. I will check out Ormond bannerman appreciate the tip. Rosineri1 thanks for the critique hopefully if I do go ahead I will have one or two more sets of eyes cast a glance over it. a goldrick I apologise if I upset you with the jibe. I grew up close to the border and there was always plenty of banter between us. It's just meant to be a bit of harmless fun, for Cork I have no excuse. The story is set about 15 years ago. As for the All-Star coaching a junior side this has happened with my club and even now junior meath side Moynalty have Ollie Murphy at the helm. And as for having Ulysses mentioned in the same breath as my story - I know the context it was meant in but a little light editing and it could be my launch pad - thanks for your time all kidding apart.

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