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National - Congrats to Loughgiel!!
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19/03/2012 16:55:30
County: Galway
Posts: 702

Seeng as nobody has started a thread decicated to them, Congrats to Loughgiel!!
Thoroughly deserved their win and deserve all our praise for keeping the hurling flame burning brightly despite their isolation. Hopefully this is the start of a hurling revival in Antrim.
P.S. was I the only one who was thinking at the final whistle of this forum's greatest ever poster and how he had praised Watson so often on these pages in the past. I'm sure Patrique was looking down and smiling yesterday.
19/03/2012 17:33:19
County: Longford
Posts: 2571

They were indeed gallant & worthy victors.
19/03/2012 17:38:54
County: Down
Posts: 450

Great win for Loughgiel and Antrim.
19/03/2012 17:55:05
County: Antrim
Posts: 277

a fantastic win for a fantastic team,really could have won by more.hearty congratulations boys youse are an absolute credit to yourselves your great club,antrim and ulster
19/03/2012 18:27:58
County: Down
Posts: 432

Great result. The whole team played amazing. Watson was unreal. All three goals were great. Does the club championship factor into the All Stars for 2012 or is that just championship games. Watson derserve an all star on Saturday's performance.
19/03/2012 18:58:46
County: Armagh
Posts: 1815

Great team and great fans, well done Loughgiel.
19/03/2012 19:00:03
County: Cavan
Posts: 9821

Great win and well deserved.
Liam Watson would walk on to any other county team too !!
19/03/2012 19:07:30
County: Kerry
Posts: 53

Well done to them
20/03/2012 09:15:59
County: Tyrone
Posts: 1254

Brilliant result for Loughgiel Antrim and Ulster hurling.
Hard to believe a parish this size has managed to managed to win this twice.
Although comfortable in the end - the start of the second half was very shaky.

Commiserations to Coolderry also a small parish so will be acutely felt.
20/03/2012 12:43:34
County: Wexford
Posts: 1997

Goals win games as the old saying goes, and Loughgiel certainly led the charge there. Deserved winners and nice to see an AI go to Ulster hurlers

Commiserations to Coolderry, we all know how much they wanted it but they must build on this year, with a manager like Ken Hogan, I'm sure they will
20/03/2012 17:10:07
County: Down
Posts: 156

Was down at the match and enjoyed every minute of it. The Shammrocks were the sharper hungier team on the day. Great result for hurling. Hopefully the likes of Quinn, Watson, and Campbell etc. can propel Antrim in this year Leinster Championship.
20/03/2012 17:32:33
County: Kildare
Posts: 775

I was also at the game and as a Biffo had hopes for a Coolderry win.

They lost to a much superior team.

Liam Watson was superb. Another poster mentioned All Star selection. A few similar games with Antrim and he could well get one. It would certainly be well deserved.

It was a great team performance.

Congratulation Loughgiel.
20/03/2012 21:59:47
County: Down
Posts: 482

I was down in Dublin at the game as well and thought it was a very professional performance by the Loughgiel men. Coolderry are no bad team and i hope they can give it a fair rattle next year. Offaly teams don't like to be favourites - they like the underdog tag better. Watson has an All Ireland medal now in his back pocket and this will probably motivate him to go on and win an All Star.
21/03/2012 12:51:56
County: Clare
Posts: 44

There seems to be a little bit of a hurling renaissance in Antrim at this time. If the Loughgiel players were involved in the league Antrim would probably be knocking on the door for promotion. Watson is argubably one of the most talented hurlers in the country. Congradulations again on a fantastic season.
21/03/2012 12:59:56
County: Dublin
Posts: 130

Was hoping Coolderry could win their 1st All Ireland, but it wasn't to be. Got to take your hat off to the Loughgiel performance - they hit the ground running and never looked back. Hopefully the Antrim SHC Final will be broadcasted on tv next year as i'm sure Ballycastle, Cushendun and Dunloy are all champing at the bit to get a peice of Watson and the All Ireland Champions.

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