National - Boston/New York pubs for GAA coverage

Im sure this has been asked before lads but do any of ye know where there's a pub that shows live GAA in either of the above two cities, more likely Boston. I know I can stream it if needs be but it can be inconsistent and would like to watch it in a pub all the same.


meathgaa (Meath) - Posts:33 - 21/05/2010 21:54:47   655090


The Banshee in dorchester is the best place in boston to watch GAA, the owner ray is a legend

NY depends where you are really - in the city youll have loads of choice try clancys on 2nd Ave at 51st & 52nd St, or maybe the playwright or the oldcastle

bad.monkey (USA) - Posts:4368 - 22/05/2010 09:25:18   655107


Is Setanta the only place you can stream the games from outside Ireland?
Do RTE stream live games?

ColinWex (Wexford) - Posts:897 - 22/05/2010 10:50:20   655132


In Boston, McGanns in the North End show the matches, or at least they used do when I was over there. Its pretty easy to get to, its just opposite North Station.
If you're out in the Somerville/Brighton areas, I think the Green Briar pub in Brighton shows the GAA as well.

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts:1638 - 22/05/2010 12:13:30   655186


in manhattan clancys on 52 and second old castle on 54 and seventh mcormacks on 27 and third theres a bar on 93 and third shows them cant remember the name in quenns theres a few places probably the starting gate would be the best also in the bronx theres plenty of places thats where i would go the heritage on mclean avenue where in the city are you staying and i could tell you better

jailhouse.usa (Galway) - Posts:1155 - 22/05/2010 12:13:39   655187


Premium Sports owns the GAA broadcast rights in the US. You can find venues showing games (there is generally a $20 cover charge) here: I don't know about NY but most of my family lives around Boston and they all like the Green Briar in Brighton.

FloggingSully (USA) - Posts:9 - 22/05/2010 13:55:48   655262


Thanks for the replies. Hit the Banshee in the end as it was the closest to where I was. Good spot. There was a $20 cover charge as predicted which I didn't mind paying but I think it irked a few of the locals who are down every Sunday. If we learn how to defend we could go a far bit. In saying that Offaly were poor.

meathgaa (Meath) - Posts:33 - 23/05/2010 17:37:04   655861


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