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Replying To LemonySnickett:  "why is it unfair? most county boards have sub committees charged with nothing else but fundraising I would rather they did a bit of fundraising than charged parents in to watch u8s blitzes in Darver! How come each club in the county can raise the best part of 100k odd, the figure quoted as being needed to run a club by our County Treasurer, themselves for the year through fundraising and the county board can't raise anything close to this? If they got a county wide flag day once a year and had county players and development squad players and mentors to collect I am sure they would raise 10k in a day easily."
It's unfair because as you said most counties have fundraising sub committees but we don't even have anyone running for assistant treasurer in the last few years. I think it's unfair to blame the guys who are already in and fulfilling roles for jobs that other people should be stepping up to do. The county board seem to be already at the stage of having to beg lads to lend a hand just to fulfil the basic functions of the county like running competitions and teams. It's volunteers that made this association great in the first place and to me it seems to be what is needed in Louth right now. Flag day sounds great and I agree would make 10k easy.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - 12/01/2018 10:23:38    2067923