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Transfers 2017

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Replying To louthproud23:  "Yes I'm outraged and demand a resolution.

Just having a conversation but sure I'll leave you to talk to yourself."
Sorry thought you were a give out guy. General enquiries and chit chat are more than welcome just thought you were a giving out guy.

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - Posts: 361 - 08/01/2018 16:52:57    2067372


C Rafferty from Cooley to Gers. Done deal

GAAdundalk (Louth) - Posts: 434 - 08/01/2018 18:55:27    2067390


Transfer deadline day today any movers in the wee county ??

TopDog(lu) (Louth) - Posts: 123 - 15/01/2018 15:03:47    2068503


Seems to be very quiet on the transfer front?

Transfer be all gone through at this stage I premise.

Any idea who moved where?

Past hurler (None) - Posts: 144 - 30/01/2018 10:35:27    2072305


I imagine we'll start hearing about them at the February County board meeting. Unless there's been loads of appeals and hearings in our transfer deadline day mindset county

WheresDeBallBag (Louth) - Posts: 361 - 30/01/2018 10:51:07    2072310