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Win at all cost

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Replying To traleegerry:  "horse have only just seen your last post are missing the point no body is condemning pulling a guy down we all do it and no body will deny that

my point all along is the horrible nasty way the tryrone guys went about winning verbal verbal and more verbal and a sneaky under hand way of

intimidation I wish to god some of the players from counties would come out and say what these fellows did and hold them accountable for there

actions for all good decent GAA folk too see .it really does make my blood boil"
well here I am again looking for that great big admission of guilt ..the GOOCH has spoken and it justs confirms what I have said and what

was done too us by tryrone and the way they played the game im sorry but have a look back and read and ask the men that played for Kerry in those games day the truth will come out ..

traleegerry (Kerry) - Posts: 140 - 09/10/2017 18:07:42    2054228


well lads the goochs book says it all

traleegerry (Kerry) - Posts: 140 - 16/11/2017 10:48:47    2062629