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Gripping a hurl the wrong way

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They say that players holding the hurl with the wrong hand are easier to hook?

Moyle (Tipperary) - Posts: 41 - 27/10/2017 16:08:11    2058624


Replying To tiobraid:  "I'd be very interested to hear why lefties have a huge advantage..."
I think you mentioned it further down this thread lefties playing on the left particularly attacking are harder to hook if facing a right handed player. Thats one advantage (conversely they at a disadvantage hooking a right sided player!). But in my experience most lefties are ambidextrous and very clever making full use of it.

arock (Dublin) - Posts: 3870 - 27/10/2017 17:12:18    2058641


As a Yank I instantly held it wrong, baseball grip as I call it. When I noticed others holding it right I started to switch and while awkward, my striking improved immediately, even feeling strange it was still very noticeable. Especially from my weak side. Holding it like a Yank felt normal till striking off my left side. In the beginning I would find that I unknowingly would switch back to a baseball grip. Wasn't long before holding it right was the norm and my hurling improved greatly. I asked many people(this was in KK) but never got an answer other than "whatever feels right" which I don't think is good advice unless you're ambidextrous, or as in baseball, a switch hitter. I can't hit a baseball to save my life after seven years w/a hurl in my hands. Also, didn't see him mentioned but doesn't Eoin Larkin hold the hurl w/dominant hand on bottom(bas)?

Yank_inyerchain (USA) - Posts: 10 - 04/11/2017 15:58:00    2060441