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What is happening with Pairc Ui Chaoimh?

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Hi I was just wondering does anyone out there know what is happening in regards to the redevelopment of Pairc Ui Chaoimh?
Are there any plans or pictures of what it is going to look like? When is it going to break ground?
I really hope the Cork GAA get this right.
I hope that the rumours of just redeveloping the covered stand aren't true.
What kind of money are they spending on this project?
I really hope that they build a stadium like Bolton Wanderes in England or something similar. These stadiums were built within the budget that is rumoured.
Great design and atmosphere and a capacity of around 30,000. Something completly different from the likes of the Gaelic Grounds or Fitzgerald Stadium.
I think a state of the art 30,000 all seater stadium will be more appealing to the fans instead of 1 covered stand and 3 uncovered sides.
The atmosphere will be much better in a stadium like this and even on county final day it would generate a much better atmosphere with 10,000 - 15,000 people in it!!

mmrebel (Cork) - Posts: 19 - 26/02/2013 19:16:21    1339579


This is all being dealt with in a forum thread on Rebel GAA. There are some preliminary drawings that were published in the Irish Examiner on here.

At the moment, nothing seems to be happening; the plans for the stadium are supposed to be sent to City Hall this summer (but the same thing was said last year).

From various articles in the Irish Examiner over the last year, or so, it appears that it is just going to be a redevelopment of the old stadium, rather than a new one being built from the ground up. I am just as disappointed as your are at this, especially as the cost is estimated to be in the region of 60 million. The capacity is estimated to be between fifty-five thousand and sixty thousand, but other figures have been thrown around and this may change.

What is proposed is that a new three-tier stand be built on the site of the present covered stand.The middle tier will consist of corporation boxes. The roof of the present covered stand will be moved across to the other stand. Unbelievable. Obviously the present uncovered stand will have to be rebuilt so that proper seating and the roof can be installed, but they haven't actually said this.

Early on, they indicated that the two terraces would also be converted into stands. I presume this means the terrace steps will be replaced by seating, but I could be presuming wrong. It wouldn't surprise me if they left them remain as terraces.

An all weather pitch is supposed to be built at the back of the existing covered stand, with a three meters-wide walkway between the two. Local residents are against this as they say it will split the newly proposed Marina Park in two. It appears it will do this. There has been talks of residents chaining themselves to the gates of the Pairc rather than let the development go ahead.

At the moment there is silence from the county board and has been for almost two months. The way to keep track of any happenings it to either buy the Irish Examiner every day, or join Rebel GAA.

Midleton (Cork) - Posts: 572 - 27/02/2013 17:14:40    1339965


I've just seen images of the proposed redevelopment in the examiner:

Its hard to tell from these images, but it seems to be similar to what Midleton described in his post. Hopefully they're doing more to the uncovered stand than just dragging the roof across from the other stand. Does anyone know if they're actually going to demolish the current roofed stand, or leave it as it is and use it as the first tier of the proposed new stand?

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts: 1694 - 17/07/2013 16:55:45    1434745


@Marlon_JD the whole covered stand will be demolished and replaced with a 3 teired stand, and renovating the rest, I don't mind as long as they sort out the seating on the uncovered stand, it's ridiculously tight, barely enough room for a child never mind an adult.

I'm a bit disappointed though, I thought the whole thing was going to be leveled to the ground but i guess with the these hard times we are going through i suppose that was more wishful thinking. As long as they sort out the tunnels and the seating in the stadium then I'm fine with it.

pkrebel (Cork) - Posts: 35 - 20/07/2013 20:31:26    1436678


They put in a planing application a few days ago.Hopefully things will move along fastly, hould of been done 10 years ago.

RebelCork (Cork) - Posts: 789 - 10/11/2013 15:42:22    1511533


Best practice across the continent is to keep the terraces. Thats what supporters want,plus allows more people to watch the game at a lower cost. Hope the development goes well for Cork.. Seems like alot of money for a stadium to be used twice a year. The Gaelic grounds is a white elephant..itwas good for the munster final, but the gaa can barely pay the rates. J.P mcManus is the backer of everything gaa in limerick and gave 6 million towards redevelopment so we ll be allright.

Imagine if Cork put 60 million into developing the game.. You guys would be unbeatable..Maybe some re thinking needs to happen...At the moment ye are fairly beatable..

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts: 762 - 04/02/2014 12:36:43    1541147


So, is this redevelopment going to start this year? I'd heard there was a setback in January/February, environmental impact had to be revised, or something along those lines. Has there been any movement since then?

From my understanding, the real work is being done on the south stand, which is being demolished/rebuilt. The north stand is staying the pretty much the same, its just being roofed, and the terraces are going to remain unchanged. I think. I hope they at least improve the seating in the north stand, rather than just roof it.

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts: 1694 - 07/04/2014 18:52:06    1571950


It looks like the redevelopment is more extensive than what was reported, I'd previously thought it was just the current roofed stand that was being demolished. But by the looks of the pics in this article, it looks like both stands are being demolished:

Marlon_JD (Tipperary) - Posts: 1694 - 01/09/2015 21:34:30    1780296


Work a short distance from PUC & can see the progress or lack of each day. Seems to be nothing much going on at the moment.

slayer (Limerick) - Posts: 6064 - 13/10/2015 14:07:07    1798376


I have said a small stadium would suit better about 30,000 capacity. With a small museum involving Cork GAA triumphs on site. Also, is there gym facilities near? Why not have a gym and training facilities for the County team based on site. Save money.

galwayford (Galway) - Posts: 1287 - 01/11/2015 20:37:25    1803582


When is this due to be finished?? Must be at it for over two years now. Surely there will be games there in 2017?

AllWhite (Kildare) - Posts: 164 - 08/10/2016 19:04:17    1924099


Will be serious job when complete, only downfall is the location.

Vladputin (Meath) - Posts: 6 - 28/10/2016 12:28:59    1929796


Great stadium, was in it today after being away for nearly 2o years. Great accomplishment

Yorkshirterrier (Cork) - Posts: 5 - 07/11/2017 13:12:50    2060984


Last Saturday was my first time in the New Pairc. The padded seats were comfortable and the floodlighting grand. But the pitch seemed to cut up very easily and the scoreboards were so dim that they were unreadable. Also the approach light to the stadium not bright enough.

Midleton (Cork) - Posts: 572 - 01/02/2018 16:33:00    2073144


Replying To Midleton:  "Last Saturday was my first time in the New Pairc. The padded seats were comfortable and the floodlighting grand. But the pitch seemed to cut up very easily and the scoreboards were so dim that they were unreadable. Also the approach light to the stadium not bright enough."
I heard those all weather pitches take a year to properly settle in and mesh together, we had a similar problem in Tralee at the start.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 7836 - 02/02/2018 20:48:30    2073475


my god lads what is happening with the pairc?i watched match today and couldnt believe the state of the surface.its a lovelly new stadium but surely the pitch should have been a priority more so so than concrete and was like watching a game on a affected both teams hugely but i think it hindered ye,re boys they will rectify it i dont know.

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 951 - 25/02/2018 20:04:43    2080191