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Cora Staunton

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Lads we can talk about the greats; DJ, Maurice Fitz, Gooch, Dermot Earley, Ciarán Mac, Joyce,...... but this woman is in a league of her own. 2-11 at her age. Surely she deserves more credit and admiration for what she has achieved!

Ros2013 (Roscommon) - Posts: 460 - 13/05/2012 10:15:19    1170982


She's not that old! Class player but ladies football never will match the profile of the men's game so that why she maybe doesn't get the credit deserved.

pundit2 (Louth) - Posts: 594 - 13/05/2012 13:10:04    1171034


I was at the games yesterday and met a few Leitrim supporters who would not be regulars at Ladies games.

They were amazed and completely entralled by Cora. One quote from a tough warrior: "It was worth the €15 just to watch Cora"

Then on the way out she walked right inb front of them. She autographed all their programmes and chatted them for quite some time.

One class act.

As for other lessons: The pick up in Ladies is so far advanced on the messing in GAA games & the clock, no messings with time.

Watch young Ciara McAnaspie pick the ball at full speed, one handed.

Cora is a force of nature.

KELF (Kildare) - Posts: 775 - 13/05/2012 14:33:49    1171079


She could probably play with the men....

Bigapple (Kerry) - Posts: 495 - 13/05/2012 16:36:16    1171163


Shows her class again

Ros2013 (Roscommon) - Posts: 460 - 13/05/2012 18:41:56    1171252


Watching Cora playing for a long time now and she is easily the best ladies football I've ever seen. This girl has it all and has been remarkably consistent over the years. She has amassed an incredible number of Club and Senior All Irelands and looks like she has more in the tank. Fantastic player.

kingdomfan (Kerry) - Posts: 381 - 13/05/2012 20:08:44    1171332


County: Kerry
Posts: 494

1171163 She could probably play with the men

keep it country

dhorse (Laois) - Posts: 11374 - 13/05/2012 20:55:46    1171378


Great player for a tall girl she has some power, pace and skill, terrific.

arock (Dublin) - Posts: 3870 - 13/05/2012 21:14:43    1171396


Unbelievable performance from cora at the weekend. Considering that Mayo played for half the game with 14 players due to a sin-binning and sending off, she showed great leadership and kicked some great scores. Herself and Juliet Murphy from Cork are the stand-out players of the present era.

football first (None) - Posts: 1101 - 14/05/2012 14:11:20    1171822


The best Ladies footballer ever, no question about it

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 9372 - 14/05/2012 15:09:09    1171912


Might teach the Mayo men a thing or two!

tommy k (Galway) - Posts: 2122 - 14/05/2012 15:50:24    1171969


I thought it was ciaran mcdonald playing.

walkinglunchbox (Longford) - Posts: 334 - 14/05/2012 17:11:40    1172087


Mayo women making their male counterparts look bad

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 18699 - 14/05/2012 17:15:09    1172094


I know this will not go down well probably but I had to ask myself WHO??? when I saw the thread.

witnof (Dublin) - Posts: 1381 - 14/05/2012 17:17:37    1172105


Fair play to the Mayo ladies - I was out on Saturday night in the Bleeding Horse when they arrived in celebrating - en route to Coppers no doubt!

roast (Kildare) - Posts: 143 - 14/05/2012 17:22:20    1172114


Aidan O Se grabbing alot of the headlines in Mayo and nationally today but look at this!!!!

Cora scored 9-12 for her club at the weekend. 1-15 (out of 1-17 scored) the week before in the Mayo ladies defeat against against Galway in the Connacht final.
A 9 time All Star, 4 time all Ireland winner with Mayo. Throw in 5 club All Ireland titles with her club Carnacon.
She is without the doubt the greatest ladies footballer ever.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 9372 - 20/07/2015 15:22:40    1756446


Absolutely, yew_tree, she'd walk on to the men's team right now if she wished :D

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7060 - 20/07/2015 16:25:36    1756493


She hit 2-14 yesterday in the Connacht final win over Galway. What a player!

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 9372 - 04/07/2016 09:09:17    1875817


Up there with some of the Cork girls as one of the greatest ladies players ever. Her skill level is a thing rarely seen in modern Gaelic football, a joy to watch playing for this reason.

moc.dna (Galway) - Posts: 622 - 04/07/2016 14:24:57    1876095


The best ladies player of all time

unclegerry (Mayo) - Posts: 1182 - 04/07/2016 14:44:37    1876114