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Replying To essmac:  "Not from me or anyone I know in Tyrone. The project has stalled due to objections from mainly Nationalist residents nearby. Nothing much the GAA or anyone outside Belfast can do about that if a bunch of chippy nimbys would rather live beside a derelict eyesore than a nice modern stadium."
True, I won't deny that about 20/30 residents have been allowed to place obstacles in the way too. I won't generalise about ALL Gaels from Tyrone or Derry being opposed either but I have read objections to Casement from many Gaels on HS and I have sat in works canteens and listened to their anti Belfast nonsense. One fella from Tyrone said "Sure Belfast isn't even a Gaelic Games place". That is the sort of downright ignorance and stupidity we have had to deal with.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9202 - 20/10/2019 20:45:54    2244631


At this stage the GAA should go for a green field site on the edge of Belfast where you won't get any objections. Sell the current casement which is quite large to build apartments. Or pay for the building of them and use the rent to pay off the new stadiums mortgage. Between the funds already allocated, the GAA's money and some loans they could easily build a 45k stadium. Fill it 4 times a year. 3 times for concerts and once for the ulster final.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2906 - 21/10/2019 05:07:24    2244686