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And please give PJ a bit of room to figure things out even if we lose a few games in this league.

suckvalleypaddy (Galway) - Posts: 1310 - 22/01/2020 20:18:35    2261649


Replying To Hupgalway:  "Can I ask, who would ya pick from that corofin team today to play county? I'm struggling to be honest... Ronan Steede, Dylan Wall, Kieran Molloy .... that's about it! Daithi Burke if he would only play for the footballers!

Now to be fair, I'm only going on today's performance..

I was very disappointed in Michael & Martin F & Ian B

I was actually very disappointed in the overall Corofin performance today, I was excited about them joining the county panel, but after this evening I'm not to sure what to think....

What's your thoughts??"
The Corofin players who underperformed against Kilcoo are still great as they were smothered by the negative northern blanket. You will see less of that defense in the coming league imo.

maroondiesel (Mayo) - Posts: 985 - 22/01/2020 21:04:47    2261661