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Replying To endgame:  "We've sat down and watched Dublin v Kerry twice over the last 2 weeks.The best team in the country and the second best team in the country both by some distance.Can Roscommon get to that level and that standard over the next couple of years.? That is the question.Our players are young enough.Are they good enough and is the coaching/management structure good enough.? Can we be in Croke Park in late August and early September or is winning Connacht (just brilliant this year) as good as it gets for us."
I stood up and watched it in a bar. Dublin by some distance yes but Kerry i'm not so sure. 15 man Dublin would have beaten Kerry by at least 6 points the first day IMO and they could easily have won by a lot more yesterday but decided to play keep ball late on. Kerry's younger players still have a lot of learning to do and their old heads made some amount silly errors in both AI finals something the Dublin players don't do under Jim Gavin. Little difference between Tyrone,Donegal and Kerry at the moment. Dublin will win the next few All Ireland because their challengers simply aren't good not to beat them anytime soon.

For Roscommon the question should be if they get back there can they stay up in Div 1 long term and reach AI semi final, Monaghan have done this and if Roscommon manage that then maybe one can start thinking and talking about the next level.

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