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2B Or Not 2B ?

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Colm Keys' column in the Indy suggests that the GAA is considering (as its 2nd option) a 2nd-chance Tier 2.

As outlined, it states that after the 1st Rd of 16 - 8 winners will enter Rd 2A and 8 losers (getting a 2nd chance) enter Rd 2B - after which the 4 winners from both 2A and 2B advance to the QFs.

As usual, GAA opts for 'faux pas' over logic. The above is ridiculous - is it not better to tank in the 1st Rd in the hope of advancing (with a win and a loss) from easier 2B than tougher 2A leading to potential elimination from the latter with the same '1 & 1' record ?

I understand the proposed idea is to give everyone a minimum of 2 games (3 incl Prov loss) before the 3-rd KO from the QFs.

I think it would be better to adopt a variation of the prior 2nd chance Ring SHC Cup - 2A teams play another 2-chance rd - and the losers play the 2B winners in a KO rd. This of course requires 6 rds than the proposed 5.

If keeping to 5 rds is sacred - why not just simply have the 8 Rd 1 winners draw 8 Rd 1 losers in Rd 2 - now at least, there is some incentive to winning in Rd 1 !

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