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Leinster SHC Final Wexford V Kilkenny

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Replying To tiobraid:  "
Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "If Tipp werent to win this year, then wouldn't it be great if Dublin or Wexford could do it? Not sure they're equipped to do that yet but its as good a chance this year as any.
tiobraid (Tipperary) - Posts: 2567 - 27/06/2019 18:59:23

If Dublin or Wexford, or any other county outside the 'big three' (Cork, Kilkenny and Tipperary) were to win it this year; it would be only the second time in the history of the hurling AI championship that the winners for three consecutive years did not include one of the 'big three'. The only time this happened before was between 1994 and 1998; when Clare won it twice, Offaly the same and Wexford once."
Very good stat indeed.

Notably for the 6 teams qualified through the Munster/Leinster cships all 6 are the top 6 in the roll of honour.
looking through the roll of honour I forgot how long it has been since Cork won an All Ireland. They'll fancy their chances this year. Definitely gone off the point of the thread now!

Looking forward to the Leinster final more this year than I have in a long time, especially the potential Reid/OHanlon battle. Although I'd be slightly surprised if Reid isnt moved."
There may be the top six in the roll of honor but the bottom three don't even have the same as Tipp when put together.

zinny (Wexford) - Posts: 481 - 29/06/2019 09:06:27    2202266


Replying To ChinCanHurl:  "There's a 13 page thread about a football final that might as well already be over and not a blip about what's potentially a cracker of a hurling game in two weeks time so I'll take the initiative.

Just like the game in Wexford park on Saturday gone I feel this really is 50/50. I find it hard to see Wexford keeping TJ as quiet as they did last time again and that could spell trouble for them, but they're fitter they're stronger and they must be hungrier for this title as well. I felt Wexford were the better team for the majority of the game on Saturday.

Expect a huge Wexford crowd and please god that will spur them on for a first Leinster title since 2004."
I think the Davy Fitz project will deliver tangible reward tomorrow with a LSHC victory for Wexford, as a neutral, certainly I would like to see them do it.

CornAghais91 (Dublin) - Posts: 126 - 29/06/2019 12:27:49    2202320


Come on Wex, put it up the the KK cats. It can be done.

galwayford (Galway) - Posts: 1659 - 29/06/2019 13:25:01    2202346


Replying To Viking66:  "Kilkenny wont be vulnerable its not in their nature. Full back line and full forward line possibly their weakest lines but neither would be exactly vulnerable. We will play 2 inside so that will help them there. If the ref goes the whistle happy route red cards might have a huge bearing on the result. It will be an intense physical battle so maybe whichever team finishes with the most men on the pitch will have a huge advantage."
A lot of scenarios in tight games like this one, Wexford not having a consistent free taking makes things more difficult for them and could prove the difference. Reid is the best in the business at this also...

murrax (Wexford) - Posts: 85 - 30/06/2019 00:57:23    2202653


Fully expect Kilkenny to win and win well I'm afraid.

Rayo1 (Galway) - Posts: 140 - 30/06/2019 15:22:15    2202908


T.J will beat wexford on his own I'm afraid.

Rayo1 (Galway) - Posts: 140 - 30/06/2019 15:58:33    2202936


Kk running away with it now......poor wexford will never win anything

Rayo1 (Galway) - Posts: 140 - 30/06/2019 16:26:42    2202958


Replying To Rayo1:  "Kk running away with it now......poor wexford will never win anything"
You come across as a lad whose looking for a bit of attention. How's that ?

catch22 (USA) - Posts: 1016 - 30/06/2019 16:42:18    2202969


Told ye wexford would win it :) was already alluded too on the Mayo v Armagh thread.......refs decide who wins games nowadays.

Rayo1 (Galway) - Posts: 140 - 30/06/2019 17:31:31    2202990


Replying To Rayo1:  "Kk running away with it now......poor wexford will never win anything"
Oh dear...too late to backtrack (I'm afraid). Bet u feel stupid now.

CornAghais91 (Dublin) - Posts: 126 - 30/06/2019 17:36:27    2202995


Well done to Wexford

Great achievement for the county and hope yiz enjoy the most deserved celebrations!

See what happens when you put the head down! This win would have seemed impossible only a few years ago.. for all the millions pumped into Dub hurling it counts for nothing today.

Delighted for Wexford

Hard luck to Kilkenny on the day.

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 19592 - 30/06/2019 17:40:13    2202998


Replying To CornAghais91:  "Oh dear...too late to backtrack (I'm afraid). Bet u feel stupid now."
Far from it.......had Limerick and Wexford in a tasty double :)

Rayo1 (Galway) - Posts: 140 - 30/06/2019 17:41:05    2203000


Congratulations Wexford.......outstanding and a wonderful match. Fantastic!!!!

katser (Galway) - Posts: 738 - 30/06/2019 17:50:49    2203009


Well done Wexford. Absolutely delighted for yous!

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 12723 - 30/06/2019 17:51:08    2203010


Congrats Wexford, well done!!!

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7701 - 30/06/2019 17:53:16    2203012


Replying To CornAghais91:  "Oh dear...too late to backtrack (I'm afraid). Bet u feel stupid now."
I'd imagine you won't be hearing too much of a reply there. That's the end of another one.

catch22 (USA) - Posts: 1016 - 30/06/2019 17:54:53    2203015


Congratulations Wexford. Good luck in the semis
Would be great to see each other in the final

Breezy (Limerick) - Posts: 295 - 30/06/2019 17:58:23    2203021


Replying To Rayo1:  "Far from it.......had Limerick and Wexford in a tasty double :)"
Of course you had.
Probably had the winning margins right too.
Jays, will you stop outta that.

catch22 (USA) - Posts: 1016 - 30/06/2019 18:01:25    2203023


Congratulations to Wexford on their Leinster title. They'll be a good night had tonight I'd say.

catch22 (USA) - Posts: 1016 - 30/06/2019 18:03:06    2203024


Well done Wexford much deserved, hard fought and hard won

arock (Dublin) - Posts: 4178 - 30/06/2019 18:26:18    2203037