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Minor Football 19.

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Good win for the minors last night reversing the result to Meath from last year, it was our downfall last year in the group.

Luke Swan looks a special one hes playing for the hurlers as well, good outing for Murray and Forker by all accounts.

Wouldn't mind a good crack at this, this year by far our least successful grade.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 2377 - 24/04/2019 14:02:59    2180071


Comfortable enough win against Offaly, through to the quarters now!

FOB (Dublin) - Posts: 890 - 15/05/2019 22:33:05    2184431


Replying To FOB:  "Comfortable enough win against Offaly, through to the quarters now!"
Think the lads made hard work of it after a healthy lead in the first half, we saved a penalty as well.

There is some talent in the bunch and a three or four I'd have high hopes for in the future. Hopefully they just have fun though, that's what this level is about for me and minding a few gems, with U20, where stuff get serious. Some of these lads are playing duel as well.

Wicklow next in the QF who have been putting up stupid Scores so far.

6 games to win Leinster against teams of very good quality at this level, whisper it quietly but the lads are better of developmentally playing death match games of good quality in Leinster then playing a couple of give mes in Munster and winning the whole sha bang, it's very telling when lads move up to senior in my opinion.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 2377 - 16/05/2019 10:10:42    2184493


Minors are out today lads, down in Mullingar and a tough match in the curtain raiser before the Westmeath qualifier, i like the look of some of these lads may be a few gems in this team, if not a collective special bunch. Luke Swan, Fionn Murphy, Conor Archer to name a few.

Be a tough ask with likely a big Westmeath crowd there for their qualifier.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 2377 - 22/06/2019 12:03:03    2198532


The lads pulled off a great come back down in Mullingar we were down 5 just after half time and fought back to make it all square gong into the last 10 mins, we ended up romping home 1-11 - 0-18.

Leinster final next.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 2377 - 22/06/2019 17:36:20    2198620