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Replying To GeniusGerry:  "While I've no doubt the forum will get going again once the championship season kicks off it is boring at the moment because there are no games and very little to talk about quite frankly.

I do feel a few small changes could completely rejuvenate the place, is there really a need for 100% screening of all posts before publishing? Just use a profanity filter and let clean posts through. If there are messers delete their posts and suspend / ban them. Of course we don't know what kind of posts are being blocked but other forums with far more relaxed moderation don't seem to have a major issue as far as I can see.

I'm a member of another forum where the general level of debate is hit and miss but there is effectively 'live chat' during televised games and half time. I like that personally. Here, if you post at half time it could be 20 mins after the final whistle before it appears. There are some really good posters here and good debates are often stifled due to this lag. People are used to instant everything now. There may be a very good reason for the way the forum is run but a few suggested changes:

- instantaneous posts
- share tweets and other social media posts
- share images
- private messages
- identity thumbs up / down or get rid of the feature"
Calm before the storm Genius Gerry.

thelongridge (Offaly) - Posts: 1019 - 24/04/2019 14:35:53    2180078


Another vote here for instant posting, it really stifles debate and discussion and promotes long winded posts im sure annoy moderators.

I've moderated on sports forums before and in my experience the best form of moderation is a report function for members if things get out of hand or infractions leading to a temporary or permanent ban if behavior continues, to be honest its rare as forums tend to self moderate on good will. I think that is true on almost every sports forum out there.

There is a lot of good on here, the caliber for intelligent debate and good mix of skills sets amongst mostly knowledgeable members. The quality of articles and the live function during games is excellent also. With a live function for posts on the forum this place could be most popular GAA site out there. I also think it would encourage people to start more threads and participate.

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 2138 - 24/04/2019 16:18:01    2180098