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2019 Division 1 League Final.

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Replying To clondalkindub:  "Ah you have to give him a chance he's had a rotten run of injuries him and Geaney need to get their form back for Kerry to have any chance. Moran white Shaw Brosnan Burns all to come back in still a lot to be positive about ,the shouts of Sean O Se best footballer in Ireland were ridiculous, there's doing it on a wet February night in some tight county ground and there's doing it against Mayo and lee Keegan in CP. he's only a baby and he's going to be a star but that was a wake up call today for him."
Jod has had chances up the yazoo clon, no more chances clear him out and mark griffin with him.

As for seanie I think you're being very harsh, there isn't a 20 year in the country that could have done any better with lee Keegan marking him, lee was pulling and dragging him talking in his ear and blocking his runs which is all part and parcel of the game but fair play to Seanie he didn't bite.

As I said earlier every day is a learning day and we'll have learned a load from this campaign.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 10223 - 31/03/2019 19:45:18    2176755


Replying To clondalkindub:  "This might be harsh but has James O Donoghue lost a yard of pace ? His game is all about pace if he's lost that he's in big trouble. Maybe he was just rusty to be fair he got on a lot of ball but didn't have that burst he's famous for. Kerry's midfield is average barry is overrated O Shea cleaned house. Gavin White will be a big help to that Kerry defense they need him , Mayo missing their best forward and that young lad MacDonagh their in great shape coming into Connaught confidence flying."
I think James O' Donoghue is very over rated and Tommy Walsh will be useless without the mark. His feet are terrible. Stephen O' Brien carries much more of a threat than either.

Well done to Mayo. Great second half performance. Can't understand your last 5 mins when you constantly have the ball back to Kerry. Clifford could have made you pay if he'd punched that goal. Great win going into the championship. The young Kerry team will learn loads from that today.

Tir Conaill Abu (Donegal) - Posts: 1559 - 31/03/2019 19:46:47    2176756


A hearty congratulations to Mayo.

I didn't watch the game as I agreed to play in a rugby 7s thing. But I'll have a look at the highlights later and enjoy seeing the fans enjoying lifting some silverware in Croker. My better half was at the game and no sign of her looking for a lift yet or this side of Tues. :D

TheUsername (Dublin) - Posts: 3164 - 31/03/2019 19:47:35    2176757


Replying To blacknamber:  "Mayo fans today reminded me of galway fans last year after da first super 8 was like an all Ireland win. I hope they don't finish up like galway last year.
Congrats to mayo better team by far today..Kerry have the makings of a very good team its over to P Keane now to put the pieces do we set up to feed dat ff line good ball."
At least we travel and support our team. Pathetic Kerry support there today. This Kerry team will win Sam soon though I think this year may be too soon.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 9961 - 31/03/2019 19:54:07    2176760


Very proud of the lads today, really persevered when things were going wrong in the first half. Made hard work of it through missed goal chances and some dicey long passing towards the end when really we should have held on to the ball.

AOS and DOC were outstanding.

A special mention to Rob Hennelly who I have often been critical of, but who really stood up today. Great to see him put some Croke Park demons to rest.

Gleebo (Mayo) - Posts: 1690 - 31/03/2019 19:58:53    2176762


Replying To Themall1916:  "Well done to our mayo friends, hearing ye sing the green and red of mayo at the end of the game made the hairs stand on the back of my kneck .
Enjoy yer night."
Did I see the stewards in Croke park, blocking Tom Parsons from going on the pitch after the game.
Shocking stuff . The Gaa never fail to surprise me..

Belclare (Galway) - Posts: 401 - 31/03/2019 20:05:13    2176765


Replying To blacknamber:  "An expert like him would know...some managerial career behind him!!!"
What does that have to do with him being correct?

greatpoint (USA) - Posts: 248 - 31/03/2019 20:09:41    2176766


Fair play to all the posts of congrats from all, especially the galwegians ..
Kerry are a work in progress but i think it could be next year before they are a real force.
When the going got tough they lacked leaders.
They will learn a lot from today. Clifford not up to full speed yet and geaney not match fit.
Mayo showed balls in the 2nd half and just went fot it.
Aos, durcan,keggan,higgins,harrisson drove them on. Ruane again brought something new.

Dubs still strong favourites but who knows maybe mayo or Tyrone could catch them on the day.
Galway, kerry and donegal could get momentum during the summer and have a say too..
But the dubs bench is so strong .. connolly if back could be the difference..

Been an enjoyable league .. great day for all long suffering mayo players and supporters ..

Ah_Here (Mayo) - Posts: 42 - 31/03/2019 20:12:44    2176768


Fair play mayo but the Dubs who have been hibernating in the league still the team to beat. Best of the rest is between mayo and Tyrone. Mayo would have had two three all Ireland's if they had the talent in the forwards they have had in positions 1-9. That may have changed this year but they missed a lot today from dominant possession all over the field so not sure it has.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - Posts: 1420 - 31/03/2019 20:21:00    2176776


Congratulations to Mayo, very well deserved and long overdue. Mayo have huge support
and it is great that their supporters saw silverware today.

fainleog (Limerick) - Posts: 520 - 31/03/2019 20:23:42    2176777


Great win for mayo and great they took a leaf from Dublin's book of cynicism...when the clinching score went in..they started two fights..for once they looked like a team of winners!

mayotyroneman (Tyrone) - Posts: 1742 - 31/03/2019 20:41:40    2176786


Enjoyed the game, good pace and endeavor to it. Thought Kerry played a nice brand of football and Mayo eventually got to grips with it. Even though they won i think Mayo are the ones that have the most to work on. I don't just mean the shooting but there were several times the ended up in the latter third and ran out of ideas. Their full forward line was generally ineffective.

The cameras from inside the goals was an interesting angle. The ground looked fair cut up. I know that happens in the goal mouth and its early in the year , but it looks like it needs a rest..

ponger (Cavan) - Posts: 419 - 31/03/2019 20:45:36    2176787


Congratulations to mayo. Men against boys in that second half really. It was crying out for David Moran to come in for 25 minutes and settle us. Mayo had leaders all over the pitch and we had none. O'Shea and O'Connor were magnificent.

I thought we were holding our own in the first half with a deep defence, most of Mayo's attacks broke down around the D but we seemed to go man v man in the second half and got crucified. Pk has a lot of work to do to get this Kerry panel up to speed for the summer. I don't think today is a total disaster by any means but we looked a long way from contenders today I am afraid.

GeniusGerry (Kerry) - Posts: 1686 - 31/03/2019 20:51:44    2176789


Replying To yew_tree:  "At last we leave Croke Park with silverware...not the cup we crave but a good start to the year. I'm calling in sick tomorrow. Up Mayo !"
Delighted for yew :D enjoy!

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7701 - 31/03/2019 20:52:38    2176790


Replying To Vishred:  "Boland twice,
It wont go unnoticed"

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7701 - 31/03/2019 20:57:28    2176793


Replying To Vishred:  "Boland twice,
It wont go unnoticed"
My bad sorry, I get you now!

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7701 - 31/03/2019 20:58:56    2176795


Also well done to Tracey at the end. Would've been so easy to fist the ball over the bar and take his point. I love seeing players backing themselves and he finished it beautifully. Well done!

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 12844 - 31/03/2019 21:01:19    2176797


Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "James is gone clon, I've said it on here a good few times he's afraid of his life to take on his man Incase he gets hurt and it's time for PK to move him on."
Awful shame if that's the case with JOD, he looked like your best player in years at one stage.

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7701 - 31/03/2019 21:02:20    2176798


An entertaining game and a well deserved win for Mayo. They dominated possession and won most of the individual battles, even in the first half. Only for some poor decision making and finishing, they would have been ahead much earlier. Aidan O'Shea had a huge game, as he did down in Tralee a few weeks ago. I thought Barrett was excellent too in his duels with Tommy Walsh.
Kerry struggled around the middle third and didn't get much quality ball into their inside line. 4 points from play tells its own story, although the 2 goals were very well worked.
The joy on the faces of the Mayo lads was great to see. A national league title is the least the likes of Higgins, Keegan, Boyle and Moran deserve.
There are signs that we might have an exciting and competitive championship this year. Fingers crossed.

WanPintWin (Galway) - Posts: 622 - 31/03/2019 21:05:50    2176799


Replying To Themall1916:  "Well done to our mayo friends, hearing ye sing the green and red of mayo at the end of the game made the hairs stand on the back of my kneck .
Enjoy yer night."
Now that's what you call a good loser, fair play to ya!

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7701 - 31/03/2019 21:07:48    2176800