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IX OF THE Most-Watched Programmes On Irish Television Last Year Were Sporting Events

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Look guys, I like football/hurling as much as the next poster here. But this whole thread is an attempt to stir up controversy as the AIs werent as well viewed/received as the run of the Irish rugby team, which is worldwide, therefore we must be outraged and let our little minds go mad. This whole mentality of "GAA is the best field game in the world" is symptomatic of low esteem and resentment. It makes the GAA community look ridiculous and bigoted. No one has the right to say what is better than anything else, its a sport at the end of the day, but that type of attitude isnt the way forward and turns people away from the GAA and confirms a few negative stereotypes about the community as well. GAA is equal to any other sport, no worse, no better, open to interpretation. Not going so well on TV atm and thats that. Not looking for a big row here, just worried that this attitude seems common, and its laughable.

Young_gael (Meath) - Posts: 169 - 12/01/2019 15:55:05    2156730