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Maybe I'm being a touch harsh particularly with the minors. But for me they were good enough to beat Kilkenny and I see it as a chance gone. Secondly I feel the academy should have raised expectations to higher levels year on year. I dont buy this 'not much was expected of this group' . They should be there or thereabouts every year.
Overall the seniors will be around for the next 5 years or so and they should be able to filter in talent year on year so that's a great positive.
My major issue with the minors, under 20s and seniors is that they need twice as many scoring chances as the likes of Kilkenny or Tipperary. That is an issue that has never been touched on in the academy...the 'economy of efficiency' if you ll pardon the business acumen.
I ll point you to the minors. Their best player was O Neill,fantastic talent, could be a brilliant senior. His coaching told him that Limerick needed him to catch the puck out, turn take on 3 men and score. And that's exactly what he did a few times. However this flawed approach eventually caught up with him. Kilkenny focused on him and he didnt pass to players in better positions than himself. He either felt they wouldn't score or was told to keep being a one man band. This was wrong.This passing is something ingrained in Kilkenny players..its not ingrained in Limerick players when the heat is on. So there is coaching deficiencies in Limerick...forwards are not being coached to play the %. Look at Dublin footballers and compare when they shoot to when the likes of Limericks hurling half forwards shoot..

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