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Replying To Young_gael:  "It is very encouraging. However Meath is a big county with a large GAA drumbeat, young players 15-18 will always be there and will always develop in schools/clubs. They must be handled the right way between 18-21 to entice them to stay on and grow as players, also once they hit adulthood their club suddenly becomes an issue within senior selection, ie if theyre North Meath or South Meath they often are overlooked. They also have to study, work, and many stop playing all sports or emigrate, or simply dont commit, which is understandable. Of the current 16s,17s and 20s, realistically only 10 may progress to play senior football for the county, and that might be optimistic. There are some great prospects though."
Agree with you - I do think that there is also an issue in terms of these younger lads in that they spend all their time training with the county and get a little detached from their clubs! Some time has to be made for them to integrate with their club teams!

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