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What do people think of back room team I taught he might have added a big name

mayo_123 (Mayo) - Posts: 141 - 04/10/2018 22:11:12    2145187


Replying To mayo_123:  "What do people think of back room team I taught he might have added a big name"
There no need for a big names Tony McIntye (Armagh & Crossmaglen) and Donie Buckley (Kerry) are big names coming from outside the county getting huge expenses I imagine.

It's good to have a home based selectors and trainer as there is plenty of top coaches in Mayo and no need for big names/glory hunters.

Daniel Forde former Ballycastle footballer was involved with Breaffy & Claremorris Senior team trainer and coach St. Gerald's college team.

Martin Barrett manager of Kiltane bringing them to an All-Ireland Intermediate Final 2014 after relegation in Senior 2012.

James Burke former Mayo footballer back in 2011 is living in Dublin and played for Ballymun will train the Mayo players that are based in Dublin and I'm he has plenty of experience from different coaches/trainers from Paddy Carr (Kilmacud Crokes All-Ireland winning manager 2009) Paul Curran (Former All-Ireland winner for Dublin)

It's refreshing back room team and a change was needed.

footie16 (Mayo) - Posts: 163 - 05/10/2018 11:12:31    2145251


I would say the rumoured addition of Ciaran McDonald would be a great coo for the county board. He would bring a good bit of knowledge and experience to the panel

WaitingInTheLongGrass (Roscommon) - Posts: 165 - 05/10/2018 12:11:20    2145263


All good people in their own way as one would expect, but and it's a BIG BUT, where are the players going to come from to win an All IRELAND? I've seen all the Intermediate and senior championship games, some other games as well, as many others have and they're not out there playing for any club i've seen. There's plenty of ok players, nothing that stands out in any way whatsoever. Good luck to the management team and Horan deserves praise but seriously, what's he going to achieve? The only good thing about it is, there's very little in Connaught. Win the Connaught Final, that's about it and for some that'll be progress. Oh dear.

davittsman (Mayo) - Posts: 300 - 05/10/2018 14:18:06    2145283


Good to see all Mayo men involved in backroom squad, they will give everything for their own County, and not big names who are there for the expenses mainly . Expect Horan to do most of the hard work himself ,just a pity he didn't get Ciaran Mc Donald as a forward coach

culmore (None) - Posts: 1340 - 05/10/2018 15:02:08    2145289