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Under Age Success As A Feeder Team To The Senior Success.

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Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "And we know who's pushing that narrative Gerry.

Also out of our 2015 team we lost the best young midfielder in the country mark o'connor To Oz and it was in midfield where Galway destroyed us in that opening 10 mins in 2017, We ended up putting a wing forward in there, why ? Only jack o'connor Can answer that I'm afraid, and especially when we had midfielder Robaird o'sé on the bench."
Don't think there is anybody pushing it necessarily but it's something I've read quite a few times and it's a non issue as far as I'm concerned.

Yes Mark was a big loss he was unbelievable at minor I thought at the time he was the best minor I ever saw but Clifford came along soon after. You can't lose lads like that and expect to continue to dominate as you move up. The main thing is several players came through this year and hopefully more to follow.

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Replying To arock:  "What is underage success? A minor title won't guarantee you a single inter-county player from what is effectively an U17 competition made up of mostly juvenile 16 year olds. If you look at the distance they have traveled to get to Minor title and the distance still to go with all its distractions it is daunting. The top inter county teams don't need to win Minor or U20 titles they just need to ensure every year at least two/three new young faces join the county senior panel and three older ones leave. This is the model of bike Dublin Football use its a cycle some leave some join and it ensures a winning streak. Other counties may wake to it Dublin have been doing it for years and it is reaping rewards. Get your system and structures in place and you will compete fill your panels with talent not the cabinet with essentially useless juvenile trophies."
u20 (formerly u21) is also under age football, it isn't exclusively a minor thread.

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