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Galway Vs Dublin

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Fairly comfortable in the end. I predicted a 6+ victory for the dubs but even I didn't see it being much more than that. It's all well and good saying if the penalty went in then it would have been a different game but I still don't think the outcome would have changed. Galway ultimately lacked composure in front of goal and never gave themselves a proper fighting chance. This Dublin team are phenomenal at what they do. The talk of having to re-structure the game/split Dublin or whatever else is thrown out there is lunacy. Success is a cyclical thing and Dublin's cycle will come to an end. The same as all the great teams in every sport. We have a serious squad right now but take a look at 4 of the 6 subs yesterday and their ages. Darren Daly 31, Michael Fitzsimons 30, Paul Flynn 32, Kevin McManamon 31, MDMA 31. All are 30+ and won't be around much longer and then throw in the mix the +30s of the starting team and players who I'd argue are absolutely crucial to our success namely Cluxton and O'Sullivan.

Combine that with the "feeder teams" not exactly shooting the lights out this year- the minors were out of Leinster early this year with a defeat to Wicklow at home a particularly poor result. The 20s lost to Kildare by 8pts in the Leinster final and if anyone wants to look even further and as recent as yesterday then the U.16s were hammered by Cavan in the Gerry Reilly quarter final on a scoreline of 6-15 to 1-17!

TrueBlue35 (Dublin) - Posts: 32 - 13/08/2018 10:31:27    2132580


Replying To blacknamber:  "Galway lack of ambition yesterday was sad to see. What an opportunity to go toe to toe wit da dubs an test yourself instead they made it easy for them. Walsh comin out after sayin they were happy wit their progress this year is more rubbish...looked the day they beat Kerry that was their AI and so it panned was downhill all the way from there.."
Lack of ambition - do you mean similar to the way Kerry set-up against Galway?
Galway have come from a low base, were favourites to get relegated from Division 1 this year, so it's definitely progress.
Unfortunately, you couldn't say the same for Kerry, they're not even in the top 4 teams in the country

The only team capable of taking on the Dubs were Mayo, as they were the only team capable of going toe-to-toe with them over the last 4 years. As a Galway man, I'd be looking to get Donie Buckley into our set-up

Bosco98 (Galway) - Posts: 97 - 13/08/2018 10:34:53    2132582


So, This game went pretty much exactly how i felt it would go.

As ive said already, People who where putting Galway up as this team that will worry Dublin and push them to the brink was always going to be a massive ask and I was never taken in by the hype around them. They played Dublin twice this year and on neither occasion managed to get over the finish line despite having the advnatage of a fitter panel and being ahead of Dublin in terms of preperation as Dublin where still off galavanting in early january on their team holiday while Galway would have already been back.

Simple facts are that Dublin will have been preparing for this semi final. They wont admit it publicly, but they arent overly bothered by league games, its about winning sam. Were a much more focused and prepared team for the semi and i believe Dublin continue to be underestimated by many.

Were simply brilliant and good luck to Tyrone in the final cause they will need all the luck and more to stand a chance.

waynoI (Dublin) - Posts: 12815 - 13/08/2018 11:59:08    2132646


my analysis would be that the Galway half back line were nowhere near the level needed to put some pressure on Dublin.

put the Mayo half back line of Keegan/Durcan/Boyle from 2 years ago into that team and it would be a different proposition. Its the area Galway will need to look at if they want to really contend

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