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Donegal V Fermanagh Ulster SFC Final 2018

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Replying To Commodore:  "Some of us in Donegal do believe our drop in the rankings within Ulster between 2015 and 2017 was largely due to Managerial problems, particularly around player selection and tactics. While most fans accept a transition was necessary after the 2014 All Ireland final, not all agree with how that transition was handled by RG.
Experienced gritty physical players like Leo McLoone, Declan Walsh, Anthony Thompson, Brick Molloy and even Martin McElhinney were messed about, excluded or felt excluded from team plans during Rory's tenure. Others who were included, maybe should not have been.

I personally believe this Donegal panel has sufficient talent, depth and potential to win Ulster and All Ireland Titles, I believe we can beat Tyrone, Monaghan and any other team in the Country on any given day, but I also know a lot depends on our management getting the balance and process right. I also believe Tyrone at full strength are All Ireland contenders, while I am still unsure about Monaghan based on their failure to reach an All Ireland SF since 2013."
Respect your honesty Commodore, plenty of cute hoorism about rather have a man tell me what they really think any day. For what it's worth I think Donegal will won on Sunday, even though I would love to see Fermanagh won, even Donegal supporters would admit they would be supporting Fermanagh if they were playing anyone else. I think it would be a major shock should Fermanagh won on Sunday, you never know, but I honestly can't see it. Best of luck to both teams, enjoy it they don't come around too often

Dergforeeva (Tyrone) - Posts: 22 - 22/06/2018 23:16:52    2113825


Can everyone outside of Donegal (even those inside it) pray for a Fermanagh win tomorrow. I genuinely think I would be reduced to tears if Fermanagh win tomorrow.

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4772 - 23/06/2018 15:03:37    2113901


Lot of what ifs and whatabouts on this thread
This is the easiest game this year to analyse

If anyone should know that RG is a one trick pony it's Donegal people we had 3 years of trying to defend a 1 point lead and then losing
Fermanagh squeezed past Monaghan
1) they had a dream start
2) McManus misfired badly
3) Monaghan did what Monaghan do they follow a massive win( Tyrone) with a damp squib as they have done for the past 5 years
4) even with all that it took a last minute goal
5) a bad Monaghan performance should still have beaten a firing on all cylinders Fermanagh

The only scenario where Fermanagh win this is 2-3 early first half goals otherwise this is gong to be Turkey shoot. Donegal have too much pace and firepower and can score at will from distance.
Once Donegal go 3.up Fermanagh have no plan B and Donegal will rip them asunder.
Bonner playing the mind games well - I can see 3 Fermanagh players getting black or red and that's just for fouling Ryan McHugh

Perdiction 3-15 to 1-6,

ruanua (Donegal) - Posts: 4943 - 23/06/2018 22:28:47    2114047