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Replying To CastleBravo:  "No I haven't seen them lately, but it's irrelevant since I'm not talking them up, down, or sideways.

My point is that when I hear "serious minor team this year, talent beyond belief" I can't help but remember that I've heard that same thing said about our minors every year. Yet bar maybe 2012 they've been wrong every year.

It's a boy who cried wolf type situation. I can't take these claims seriously after them being wrongly spouted every year."
I don't think the current Meath Minors are any better than previous years. Monghan beat them in Gerry Reilly at a canter and Kerry beat them in friendly recently 1-25 to 1-5. Dublin sent their B team to Gerry Reilly last year. So we in Meath listen to same hype every year . We may be better than 80% if teams in Leinster but are they better than Dublin or Kildare. I don't think so.

I have seen the 16's and they should be very good as the Division 1 club crop is very competitive but they are average at County Level from what I have seen.

U15's are behind Dublin and Kildare. Be interesting to see how they do this year and more importantly next year .

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Meath minors better than average

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