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Monaghan v Tyrone - Ulster SFC

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Replying To Shelbourne:  "You should have said that in the first place !"

seanfinn (Monaghan) - Posts: 316 - 20/04/2018 12:07:13    2094097


Replying To mon07:  "Good to see the Galway people putting there opinion forward after one good league run. I think Galway's summer could be short. Poor discipline and when Dublin defenders got back quickly to mark your forwards they disappeared out of the league final."
Sensitive little soul aren't we.

What...did someone say something remotely negative about Monaghan!!

lambofgod (Mayo) - Posts: 46 - 20/04/2018 14:31:28    2094114


Of course I am biased but I think we should win this one.

In the league match, which we both needed to win, we started the game with a considerably understrength team and it was our bench that came on to win it for us in the end. These players will start in the championship Mc Manus, O Connell and K Hughes in particular will keep Tyrone's defence honest. And if C Cavanagh is not fit it will be a huge bonus for us, he was their best player for 50 minutes in Blaney and arguably last year. T Mc Cann will be fit to play but I will go for a Monaghan win
1-16 to 0-15

mhunicean_abu (Monaghan) - Posts: 563 - 20/04/2018 15:14:38    2094117


Unlucky draw for both teams as probably the top two in Ulster atm. Very hard game to call, a point or two either way at most in it at the end.

Slight preference for Monaghan on league form.

KY4SAM2015 (Kerry) - Posts: 646 - 20/04/2018 15:53:27    2094124