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Monaghan v Tyrone - Ulster SFC

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Replying To FootblockREF:  "I think Tyrone will end up gettting into the Super 8's. The difference now as opposed to a few years ago, is that they are now the team every one wants to face."
I don't think they will make the super 8 as their is so much going wrong for them at the minute and past players seem hell bent on putting some real negative vibes true the camp. I think they will exit the championship early and will have a new manager next year.

mon07 (Monaghan) - Posts: 139 - 24/05/2018 17:40:33    2103637


can anyone put up a link to daire o shea articles

rhudson (Galway) - Posts: 1085 - 24/05/2018 23:01:25    2103706


With Brennan, Bradley, McCann, C Cav and Harte respectively injured, injured, unfit, unfit and banned, Tyrone had better pray they get a handy team in the qualifiers

essmac (Tyrone) - Posts: 627 - 25/05/2018 00:58:33    2103714


Google irish times sport then gaa and daires article is there

prideof85 (Monaghan) - Posts: 755 - 25/05/2018 07:11:19    2103721


Replying To rhudson:  "can anyone put up a link to daire o shea articles"
Darragh Ó Sé: Monaghan don't have the panel depth for the Super 8s
via The Irish Times

greysoil (Monaghan) - Posts: 694 - 25/05/2018 07:34:01    2103723


Replying To hoopman:  "We have no plan b, mickey refuses to change anythink after the dubs put us to shame last year for him to say his game plan was the right one then the powers to be should have said times up. On sunday the best team won how can anyone one say tht playing 2 sweepers is the right game plan any team that has given dublin a game have done so going toe to toe with them this year will be dublin an mayo again with a poor kerry team (by kerry standards) next best super 8s only means more money for croke park. Mickey has done wonders but his day is over for sake of tyrone football he needs to step aside."
Totally agree with you. Harte played injured players in a big game - we now hear both Lee Brennan and Bradley out for lengthy periods and Colm C and McCann God only knows if that game set them back - Harte has not learned anything and has no Plan B. I'm now beginning to form the opinion that actually anyone could have won those All irelands in the noughties with that team - if Tyrone don't lose Harte soon it will be a very short summer!!!!

IrishGael3 (USA) - Posts: 1084 - 25/05/2018 17:14:26    2103819