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Replying To Footnote:  "I realize that with Meath out and the club c/ship not back yet you are always going to get off the wall threads on here but this is different. loads of people could start a thread about different clubs in both football and hurling that are in their opinion struggling but for the most part, they don't!! yes comments are made in threads but to start up one like this is totally out of order, I don't know who the people over the Tones are but i'm sure they give 100% to it and as has already been stated, in north Meath dual clubs , especially rural ones find it hard to keep both going at a high level because it is only natural for one to be stronger at different times. It is a credit to the Wolfe Tones club ( and all dual clubs) that they have kept going. The county board should be doing everything in its power to make sure clubs like this survive by giving the backing in relation to coaching resources etc. With the impact of other sports and a growth of the urban areas in the county we are almost certainly heading to point in the coming years where rural clubs will face the choice of amalgamation or extinction ( A topic for another day). in the meantime as stated already , as a county we should support these clubs in whatever way we can. Back to this thread, of course everybody is entitled to their opinions but the personal nature of it, you would really have to wonder what is behind it!!!"
Well said "Footnote" and yes "toney" it looks that way ;)

bowza123 (Meath) - Posts: 30 - 10/07/2018 15:58:09    2120436


Replying To bowza123:  "Well said "Footnote" and yes "toney" it looks that way ;)"
It has been said to me that this post may in some way be pointed at me. It has not been me who has been writing anything about the Tones hurling. I have in all my time supported the club and in particular hurling. In Meath it is a near impossibility to run a dual club and to do so has a multitude of problems and at times with limited support. I welcome and applaud anyone who spends any amount of time working on any level with hurling in Meath. I want to see the tones do well and win an intermediate championship. One that I believe they can as they have exceptional individuals, characters and hurlers. It is early days yet and the championship has only started. They will be at the final stages and that's where it starts. Finally I would not ever come on here to slate anything about the club. I have worked with most of kot all of these players and have more respect for them and myself. Anyone who knows me I say what I have to say but not behind a keyboard. Finally the best of luck to the tones in both codes for the remainder of the year. The Gaeltacht success hopefully inspires the club forward. Bhulf Ton abu!

MinorStar (Meath) - Posts: 294 - 10/07/2018 22:00:00    2120562


Well said Minor Star, The Tones are going through a rough time at the moment with injuries and lads opting to play football instead of both. I for one don't see why lads would prefer to run laps of the field instead of playing their national game. I guess that's for them to answer. The worrying thing for me is the lack of underage teams in the club. Not very many lads to come through in the next couple of years. They are not the only club in this situation look at Moylough, Kilskyre, Kells, Navan O'Mayonys. All the same. Then there's Rathmolyion a traditional hurling club without a win in the Intermediate Championship this year. The Tones will bounce back from where they are now that is guaranteed , There's to many good Men and Women in the club to let it die.

latouche25 (Meath) - Posts: 188 - 11/07/2018 17:55:50    2120786