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2018 Club Championship Predictions

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Replying To royalranter:  "So we're a week out from the senior semi finals, who do people reckon will get through?

Simonstown v Dunboyne : very hard to call. Dunboyne have been my champ favourites since before the first ball of the championship was thrown-in and strengthened that claim with a big win over the champions in the group but Simonstown were impressive in the qf and look like they could be timing their run nicely. Could easily go either way but ill plump for simonstown...just

Don/ash v Summerhill : in this one, I can't see past Summerhill. I think they just have too much in their locker for Don/Ash but if Ashbourne click on the day, they could cause an upset. Summerhill for me to set up a rematch of last year's final (which wont be as one- sided as last year, if it comes to pass)"
Think Summerhill too much for Ashbourne. If Ashbourne sit back like they did against Ratoath, their toast. The Cilles went at them from get go and had The Hill shaken with 5 to go and only 3 points in it. So if they want to make a fist if it they better take Summerhill on. But it's Summerhill. Ashbourne don't have forwards Cilles have and won't rack up near enough to win.

Simmons town and Dunboyne. Look Dunboyne are honest as day is long. However they are missing something to make them star quality. I expect Simonstown to win. Why because all there forwards are playing well and are a scoring threat. Can't say same about Dunboyne. Be a tight one for a while but it's Summerhill V Siminstown Final.

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