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GAA Finances & purchasing a farm.

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Replying To TheUsername:  "This is why i think the GAA are making a mistake reducing Dublins games development funding, if Dublin realise its sponsorship, commercial and fundraising potential and become self sustaining with no financial boundires or limits. It certainly has the market and the product to do it. Its also the logical thing for Dublin to do to fill the hole in their finance. Last year alone they had three very marketable All Ireland winning teams and if they were to capatalise on the commercialality, marketability and fundraising potential of any of them it would be a money spinner.

What that would mean for the rest of the GAA is questionable, some may say great more for us, but letting the tiger of the leash really may make Dublin a completely different animal in sporting terms enabled by their money making potential."
How can it get any worse for the rest of us username ? Ye'r after winning 3 ye'r Gona do at least 5 in a row. nobody will have a problem if ye make 10/20 million a year off ye'r own hard work and leave the rest to the poor counties that need it, ye don't need it.

KingdomBoy1 (Kerry) - Posts: 7839 - 05/02/2018 22:20:14    2074460