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Replying To AnDunCeanada:  "Can understand the annoyance but I'd caution that considering we don't know all the facts, we shouldn't be overly critical of a young man who's devoted a lot of time and effort to Down football over the last couple of seasons.

From what I've heard, I think the crux of the argument on McGovern's side, was that other members of the panel had previously gone on holiday's - missed training - and not been treated the same (dropped for the next game). If that is indeed the case, I can understand his annoyance with management. That being said there is no doubt he handled it poorly - but again in context it is a fella in his mid-twenties who is undoubtedly very passionate about playing for his county. Hopefully it can be resolved before too long and he can take his place back on the panel."
Serious bad state of affairs.Another hurling county will beat them on Sunday easy!

Thekid14 (Down) - Posts: 69 - 17/03/2018 07:51:14    2085014


Down v Tipperary NFL DIV 2 is postponed due to weather.

5iveTimes (Down) - Posts: 30 - 18/03/2018 10:15:46    2085227


The crunch game is against Meath next weekend. This is the biggest game for Down since last years Ulster Final. If we win we will maintain our div 2 status. If we loose it is likely we will be in div 3 regardless of tipp result. Lets hope we can get it right and deliver a big performance.

downtothecore (Down) - Posts: 196 - 19/03/2018 18:56:56    2085942