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Replying To cuttothebone:  "Galway and Kildare are rightly favourites to go down, with 2 from Roscommon, Cork and Cavan to go back up.. Truth is those 5 teams are very even, all have recent enough experience in div 1 and have proper underage structures in place last 10 yrs or so to sustain at least and improve their current position, (Cork could up their game a bit maybe at underage). The main goal of these 5 should be to to knock either Donegal, Monaghan or Tyrone of their perch and hold div 1 status for the medium long term and not keep yo yo-ing between the 2 divisions.. Not easy but it's Kildare and Galways turn to challenge this year.."
Interesting to look back even if not all standings not quiet complete, most got a couple of predictions right but for the most part we are all pretty crap! Promoted teams from div 2 was probably the easy pick.. Got Kildare right anyway and we are now officially a "yo yo" team joining Ros and Cavan, weather we able to yo yo back up remains to be seen. The poor standard of div 2 in recent years is the reason i believe teams like Kildare/Cavan/Ros are managing promotion from div 2 easily enough but then being somewhat off the pace in div 1.. Promotion from a very competitive div 2 prepares a team a lot better for div 1.. Although it didn't trouble (and best of luck to) Galway knocking Donegal off their perch..

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