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Replying To DLlegends:  "You would think that team selection on Sunday would give us an idea of what he thinks his championship team will be bar McBrearty.

1. Mark Anthony
2. Paddy
3. McGee
4. Morrison / Ward
5. Brennan
6. Doherty / O Baoill
7. Ban
8. McFadden
9. Odhran
10. Mc.Elhinney / Mc Gonaigle
11. Leo
12. Ryan
13. Jamie / O Reilly
14. Michael
15. Frank / Mark Mc Hugh

That's my two cents worth!"
Will McGee be fit? Must be touch and go as to whether he is. I would definitely be starting Frank. I think Mayo will target the middle and use their power runners to go at us which will not suit Mark McHugh nor Odhran in the middle. Fair enough to have Odhran there for the throw ins or kickouts for his fielding but I would be trying to utilize Odhran as much as possible in an attacking sense as the defensive side not where he is most effective. I would only play Doherty to specifically mark Andy Moran. If another player has been identified to do that job then I would not start him cause where will you play him? If Brennan is fit and starts in the half back line and Doherty does too seriously leaves us open especially to pace. As a result it could leave us open to goals. One player must also pick up Diarmuid O'Connor as he is a dangerous runner with a goal scoring threat, keep him and Moran quiet and Mayo are going to struggle for scores. Donegal must be defensively disciplined and make sure there is always a structure there to combat counter attacks. Our half backs tend to get caught up front where they are generally ineffective leaving an acre of space from midfield to our full back line. In the case of Doherty and Brennan they are not the most fleet footed and struggle to get back. I feel Marty could be an important player to start as he has the pace to get up and down the field, take a score and can adapt his position in different situations. Leo will have to play if only to front up to the likes of the O'Sheas in the middle along with Hugh. I would be surprised if Jamie does not start but I would also seriously consider putting Mulligan in there if fit. He is an excellent and has a knack of finding dangerous pockets and scoring goals.

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I think Eamon Doherty will start in half back line doing a man marking job. There's no way that I can see him picking up Moran because I don't think the full back line suits him. Hopefully we'll have a good squad to pick from bar Mc brearty and Mc gee. I think he'll go with strength and experience this week I feel he has too. I think Leo. P Mc grath. Frank Mc Glynn. Paul Brennan will all start. It's vital that we start well. Can't see mulligan starting he's had little or no football this year but he would be a great man to come on when legs tire in the last quarter.

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