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NL Division 3 2018

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Yes you are right and while Danny T has fantastic attitude his decision making isn't always the best and his temperament makes him a serious liability .. don't see Rory using him again til he sorts that .. positives are that defence was pretty awesome and we broke even in middle third against a half dozen serious high ball winners .. we avoided the Third quarter collapse that we seem fond of this season and looked good for the win until the red cards .. still it's both incredible that Armagh didn't go for jugular in final 10 mins and incredible we didn't steal in final 3 mins with 2 great chances .. Pat C put in a solid shift
Full back line were solid except Che needs to commit to bursting out or lay it off as his indecision nearly killed us ... half backs were solid middle was sound half forward line showed a quiet Breen and a Corrigan slowly growing into a serious play maker Mulrone showed glimpses of his brilliant self and alas conall brought wrong gloves as nothing was sticking .. subs made an impact yesterday too unlike Mullingar ..
Big crowd heading to Longford on Sunday unless there's another blizzard

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - Posts: 276 - 19/03/2018 09:20:09    2085647


We can not afford to have players like Danny about 2 reds 1 black and endless amount of yellow cards to date to big a liability to have about the risks not worth it..
As for ball carries I'm disappointed not too see more of Lee Cullen as he is one of the best ball carries in the county of played in the right position

Great position to be in at this time of year and a massive performance need by 1 to 20 next Sunday

mr_gaa1 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 235 - 19/03/2018 10:53:53    2085706


Tough games yesterday,not one for the memories but somehow promotion is still in Fermanaghs hands albeit with a tough game away to a free scoring Longford.
As with all the games to date Fermanagh started well,composed on ball and drove forward forcing frees etc while defence was very good although some Armagh shooting was poor.
The second half Armagh dominated the midfield sector with kick out after kick out being claimed by an orange jersey even before the rec cards.(this a concern ahead of championship match v Armagh)
Every game this year Teague has been taken off on a yellow card and yesterdays ill-discipline could have cost Fermanagh promotion,im sure management wont accept this going forward and he may struggle to regain place as a result.

Credit to Fermanagh with 13 men they fought until the end,workrate was excellent and made it difficult for Armagh to create openings to clinch the game.

A do or die fixture now next week against a Longford team who are scoring heavily,to win this game Fermanagh will need to socre at least 14/15 points and in last two games the second hal tallys of 1-2 and 2 points isnt enough.

Lets hope we get a big performance and turnout from all supporters at Pearse Park

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 795 - 19/03/2018 11:20:43    2085722