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Hurlers 2018 Season

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Now the dust has settled, and despite the disappointment of the Limerick performance, it has by any yardstick been a great year for the hurlers.

The injury to Corcoran, one of the mainstays of the full back line certainly didn't help, but a battle hardened Limerick fresh from Munster were going to pose a big challenge, particularly after a 6 day turnaround from our last game. However, if nothing else, it will provide a great reality check ahead of preparations for the league and give an indication of the level we need to work towards.

Anyway looking to next season it its great that Colm Bonner is staying on, consistency is key at this stage. Are there any other lads out there that could come in to strengthen the panel for next season? Martin Kavanagh is back which will be a boost but there must be one or two others out there who would challenge for a spot ?

Bainisteoir (National) - Posts: 413 - 12/07/2018 10:42:32    2120914


Replying To fergie:  "Did Alan Corcoran get injured before the Limerick game? Also, Eoin Nolan, he played all the leagt games."
No he went too america the monday after the joe macdonagh

ceatharlach.abu (Carlow) - Posts: 11 - 12/07/2018 22:24:13    2121169