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Your sporting hopes for 2018

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There has been some criticism of Andy McEntee on this message. Overall what I have heard is a lot of positives coming from the camp. Joe Sheridan backed this up wth an interview on LMFM. Joe Sheridan interview on LMFM. Its very good Joe talks about his career in the jersey under Boylan to McEntee. Its a great summation of 15 years of Meath football. Actually anyone interested in modern player from any county should listen to it. I have written the link below

He is highly positive about Andy. He believes his man management skills are excellent, the word he uses is incredible. Something other inter county players have said before. Michael Dara Mcauley was full of praise for Andy when he was in charge of Bodens, said he was top class manger. And Conal Keaney Dublin best dual player of recent times said Andy was the best manager he worked with .Keaney would have been managed by Paul Caffrey Pat Gilroy and Anthony Daly. All three highly regarded managers. I think there is near 40 or 50 players on a panel now. As Joe says in the interview your not going to keep everyone happy. That's correct. Theres always going to one or to disgruntled players. But overall I have heard some bad stories from Meath camps in recent years regards manager. Anything I have heard about McEntee has been hugely positive with words like very professional.

Points Joe Makes/Spoiler Alert

1 The team he belonged to underachieved from 2007 to 2010.
2 He talks about all the management team Barry Coyle O Dowd etc. And Sean of course was the best manager he ever played under.
3 Praises McEntees man management skills, calls him incredible. A good sign for the future.

And regards players leaving , this is happening everywhere . Wexford and other have had players leaving this season. And Down Derry and Laois are other couties with players leaving panels in recent . The training players have to go through now is incredible.
The Meath players who left where for work and college reasons and veterans retiring eg O Rourke and Sheridan. Only 1 first team regular has left eg Harnan. With the return of Rooney and Mckeever and other news additions to the squad ( Andy has 13 players on the panel that have never played for Meath before 2018 Byrne cup). I think the loses are dealt with as in the additions to the panel have replaced any loses .

Furlong1949 (Meath) - Posts: 566 - 10/01/2018 23:45:33    2067741


Hopes for 2018:
Mayo to win Sam.
Waterford to land Liam.
Slaughtneill to win AI club title.
Na Piarsaigh to win club hurling AI

Would be happy to see any one or two from that list coming true.

Curlew66 (Roscommon) - Posts: 311 - 11/01/2018 01:39:01    2067747


Tyrone to win our first Ulster 3-in-a-row.
Get out of this so-called super 8 group, win a big semi-final and hopefully give a better account of ourselves in an All Ireland final against the Dubs.

OGarmaile (Tyrone) - Posts: 53 - 11/01/2018 10:13:46    2067762


Replying To neverright:  "Getting away from the Meath/Kildare ping pong, is there any point hoping that half of the Dublin team decide to go travelling for a year or two?"
no harm in hoping

superbluedub (Dublin) - Posts: 1331 - 11/01/2018 12:19:46    2067789


Just hoping to improve in 2018, we got promoted from Div3 in 2013 and put up a good fight against the Dubs in that year's Leinster final but we really haven't made any ground since then, infact we've probably receded if anything.

We had a terrible championship in 2008 but went all the to the All-Ireland Semi's in 2009, incredibly that's probably the last time we've seen significant improvement from the previous summer.

Htaem (Meath) - Posts: 7951 - 11/01/2018 15:19:21    2067817


Replying To Ban:  "Would love to see Westmeath win the O'Byrne Cup and get promotion from Division 3

Would also love to see Mayo win Sam!"
I'm delighted to see our footballers reach the O'Byrne Cup Final. Its one of 2 competitions which we can realistically think of winning this year.

During the naughties - Westmeath played in 2 O'Byrne Cup finals, loosing both (Meath & Longford). One thing that stands out for me was being over in Cusack Park Mullingar and the place was jammed for both games.

Cannot for the life of me figure out why next Sundays Final is being played in a neutral venue!

Good luck to the boys

Ban (Westmeath) - Posts: 929 - 15/01/2018 11:43:30    2068443