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I've become a huge admirer of Seamus Murphy ,the Man is striving to take Wicklow to the next level & now with A team entered in the Kehoe Cup & a 2nd Team in the Walsh Cup you can see he's giving it everything to advance Wicklow Hurling as swiftly as he can & giving more Hurlers a chance to Hurl for their county ,Thinking outside the box can be a great thing but I think ,if giving enough support & Time then Seamus could elevate Wicklow Hurling into he Leinster Championship proper in the coming years ,People claim Wicklow is one if not the most undeveloped GAA county In Ireland but with a man of this coaching caliber & forward thinking ,then the potential for Hurling to strive in the Garden County is vast

emerald79 (Kilkenny) - 20/12/2017 13:30:07    2065687


Some great work being done at underage. This year we had 16 teams at U11 over 2 divisions. Clubs like Bray, Eire og and Pats have tons of kids playing. Just needs a few more years work to bring this onto senior level.

liam500 (Wicklow) - 20/12/2017 20:07:46    2065722


Seamus done excellent work last year, from being in a league relegation the year before to plating in the league final.
Has anyone heard anything what the two panels are shaping up like?

WW9 (Wicklow) - 27/12/2017 14:59:13    2066034


Well lads, any comments on the match today? I was at it and can easily see that Wexford are just on a different level. In pure physique alone, I'd say the average Wexford player had 3 or 4 inches on us, their forwards especially towered over our backs. Not sure what can be done about that except just get more of a player pool. 1-12 I suppose isn't bad a score against such opposition. Well done to our forwards. I would be of the opinion that we do play in this competition each year just to get a barometer of where we are. For me, Ronan Keddy stood out as the one player we have that could hurl at Wexfords standard.

liam500 (Wicklow) - 07/01/2018 22:53:07    2067260


Was at the game and agree with most of that but we were short 6 certain starters in Chester ,Henderson,Mikey,Christy,Danny and Kearns.They would of made a big difference to the team ,I'd like to know why players such as Petey Keane, George O'Brien were send up to Louth,surely there good enough for the A squad

brollyboy (Wicklow) - 08/01/2018 23:23:30    2067433