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Junior League 2018

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I've heard word that Corduff are entering a team again in junior and Carrickmacross are also entering a team,
League structure to change to suit. single league 11 games then split again into cup and shield (top 6 and bottom 6).
should a fourth tier be introduced with promotion and relegation instead of messing up div. 3.

bigbarneyross (Monaghan) - 19/12/2017 14:15:52    2065603


If this is true it is making a complete mockery of the junior competition. Corduff brought nothing to the party when they entered the competition a few years ago so just would not understand the rationale of them being allowed to enter again. Carrick probably have a stronger pick but their current reserve team wasn't even playing in the top division of the B leagues and were in Division 3 2 years ago!! Perhaps it would suit the stronger teams such as Cremartin, Emyvale and Clones but for the other teams it would not be giving them a fair chance of home and away vs 9 other teams.

MonaghanGa3l (USA) - 29/12/2017 10:19:53    2066132


The proposal is for Truagh and Corduff to join Junior, making it a 12 team competition and splitting into two groups of six after round 1.

Whatever about the merit of Truagh joining, how are Corduff allowed in again? Their reserve team was in the bottom division of reserve football last year and they were not near competitive two years ago in junior.

Once they allowed Scotstown enter a number of years ago it was inevitable others would follow, seems that they want to turn junior football into a "feeder" to some of the big senior clubs.

sporto (Monaghan) - 17/01/2018 10:37:31    2068813


Absolute farce allowing Truagh, Carrick and especially Corduff into the Junior competition, it's making a mockery of the Junior clubs trying their best to compete with the goal of getting out of Junior. I'm sure if you put it to the players they would have zero interest in playing against second/third teams. Clearly being used as a feeder for the bigger clubs at the smaller clubs expense. Some of the teams may pick up points before the first round of championship but after that players are ineligible and it becomes a waste of time.

gaelicg (Monaghan) - 17/01/2018 13:14:25    2068863