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Pick your alternative All-Stars football team

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We're in the thick of the 'silly season' so why not have a bit of fun and pick your alternative 2017 All-Stars football team. So if you had to arrange a team to play the official All-Stars team based on this year's campaign who would be in it?

Here's my alternative All-Stars football team

Stephen Cluxton (Dublin)

Brendan Harrison (Mayo)
Jonny Cooper (Dublin)
Philly McMahon (Dublin)

Lee Keegan (Mayo)
Tadhg Morley (Kerry)
John Small (Dublin)

Tom Parsons (Mayo)
Brian Fenton (Dublin)

Enda Smith (Roscommon)
Niall Sludden (Tyrone)
Peter Harte (Tyrone)

Jason Doherty (Mayo)
Patrick McBrearty (Donegal)
Cillian O'Connor (Mayo)

Official All-Star football team

David Clarke (Mayo)

Chris Barrett (Mayo)
Michael Fitzsimmons (Dublin)
Keith Higgins (Mayo)

Colm Boyle (Mayo)
Cian O'Sullivan (Dublin)
Jack McCaffrey (Dublin)

Colm Cavanagh (Tyrone)
James McCarthy (Dublin)

Dean Rock (Dublin)
Aidan O'Shea (Mayo)
Con O'Callaghan (Dublin)

Paul Mannion (Dublin)
Paul Geaney (Kerry)
Andy Moran (Mayo)

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