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Mayo. A psychological flaw

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Dubs feking this away should be 9pts up

jacktheDub (Dublin) - Posts: 751 - 24/09/2017 17:01:59    2049912


Replying To Jack_Goff:  "Sure even happens with their women. Cora Staunton fairly bottling it in the first half. 6 wides from play and frees.

Hopefully she gets it together in the second half because she's their sharpshooter and if they're to win they'll need her."
Cora 'bottling' it. There's a difference between bottling it and having a bad day. Cora has 4 all-ireland medals for her county and won many matches single handedly.

A very silly post but i wouldn't expect anything else.

Laois76 (Laois) - Posts: 1270 - 25/09/2017 23:31:38    2050527