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Total Injustice!

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Anyone mentioned refereeing decisions that may (or actually may not) have gone against one team only without mentioning the ones that may (or may not) have gone for them is an idiot imo.

Maybe an idiot is too strong, but they're certainly being idiotic.

Dublin got some 50/50 decisions go for them and Mayo got some 50/50 decisions go for them.

Just like every single other game of football, soccer, hurling etc that has ever been played in the history of sport.

People, especially adults, should really be able to understand that by now.

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 12054 - 20/09/2017 08:43:16    2048417


Replying To Laois76:  "I don't agree with Malonemagic on a fair few points Joxer and have no time for Parkinson.

But when ye dip, as inevitably will happen. Look at Kerry 1975-86, KK 2006-2015 etc. Along with Meath, Kildare, Wexford (pre 1974), Westmeath 2004 etc we'll be waiting in the long grass!! Remember 1981 and 2003 to name but two. 1999 should have been a Laois win but Ian Robertson picked the ball off the ground for an equalising point.

We have a habit of producing good footballers and will get our act together to beat ye every 20 years or so! Our underage from U16 down is showing signs of a return to the form of 1995-2003. We never lacked good footballers. We're low now but we'll rise!"
A good Laois team would be very welcome. Doesn't seem that long ago that Dublin struggled to beat them or indeed lost. No reason why many a team in Leinster can't have a good crop of players at the same. All this talk of Dublin seems to cover over that many counties are not achieving the standards that they previously had. Surely all the reasons for lack of progress can't be down to what Dublin have?

poguemahone (Dublin) - Posts: 364 - 20/09/2017 09:34:09    2048422


Replying To Gleebo:  "And Joe was very kind to Dublin allowing the many, many steps that Callaghan took for Dublin's goal, and at least two soft frees in the first half when they were struggling. Mayo also had a very good claim for a penalty turned down in the second half.

Take off your navy and blue shades for a moment, and analyse the game objectively.

Both sides got the benefit of some marginal decisions.

There's a reason why Dublin v. Mayo games are always close affairs, and that's because Mayo are almost as good as Dublin are. Why some Dublin posters have difficulty accepting this is beyond me, particularly when you've just won three in a row and should really be celebrating that, instead of carping about the officials."
Thank you posters , we robbed that one yesterday imo , I used to hate these Mayo players but I can't anymore I've never seen anything like them , Jesus they just keep on
Coming back and back and back. I
Thought all of them were outstanding O Shea O Conor andy Moran Doherty the lot. We got cleaned out in midfield couldn't get the ball and the game came down to
Inches in the end.

If posters are saying we're the greatest ever what does that make Mayo? They consistently get the better of us yet we somehow sneak it out.

Anyway great day to be a Dub really did fell sorry for those Mayo supporters

But I genuinely think more than ever their day will come.

That's my first post after the game and I stand by it, and I've accepted the referee gave both teams some soft frees but in no way was the referee more kind to one team than the other no way, as I've said it came down to two soft frees Rock scores ours O Conor missed yours. Tiniest of margins against an outstanding Mayo team. Posters wanting O Gara sent off blaming the ref how on gods earth is the ref suppose to see that in all fairness to the man.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - Posts: 9248 - 20/09/2017 09:50:25    2048432