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CCCC hurling proposals change tier 2 teams status

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We know from history that the majority of All-Ireland's are with the big three Kilkenny, Tipperary and Cork. Now and then one of the chasing pack springs a surprise and breaks through but then it reverts to one of its usual winners ( no knock on them). This new system benefits the big three because surprised once may be, but not twice or three times. Take a look in Munster. Two team will be out of it in June. Two of the big three are in Munster going on history. That will leave Clare Limerick and Waterford battling to be number three with the other two fading out because of nothing tangible to play for. If status quo reverted in Leinster Kilkenny and one other county (history) potential Leinster winners but by this stage two possible stronger teams in Munster are gone for all intent and purposes. I can see this system having a deter mental effect on the progress made in Waterford, Wexford, Clare and Limerick on their way let alone improving the chances of the so called second tier teams.

Canuck (Waterford) - Posts: 407 - 08/10/2017 15:23:27    2053864


Replying To Whammo86:  "They'd need to win a minimum of 5 matches or 4 matches with 2 draws in the group stage. They'd start in the preliminary QF, not the QF and have 4 rounds from there that they need to get through."
Oh yes - I overlooked the Amendment adding two Tier 2 finalists - so yes, 5-3, or 4-2-3 (incl the 'gimme')
But still, 3rd placed can make KO with 1-3. In contrast, there is not much reward for 4-0, especially if they lose Prov Final.
Finally, assume 2nd placed 4-1 loses to group winner twice (group and Prov Final) and goes on to beat them finally in the AI Final - yuck - this has not been thought through - just a knee jerk reaction - more games like football.

omahant (USA) - Posts: 1403 - 08/10/2017 21:02:31    2053938