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Dublin or Mayo - In ONE word

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Replying To GaaGaa78:  "That's it! Expecting my Mayo/Kerry/Cork/Tyrone colleagues to cheer for us in the final what with them being "based in Dublin"."
They might if they were used to refereeing the Dublin A versus B games!

Llaw_Gyffes (Mayo) - Posts: 874 - 29/08/2017 20:19:20    2040355


Jesus , even a one word reply thread depends into this crap.

catch22 (USA) - Posts: 612 - 29/08/2017 20:53:44    2040377


Replying To superbluedub:  "Don't recall seeing any posts like yours circa 1996 - 2010 , amazing that ."
It's not really amazing. The years you referenced were a bit of a golden era in football as seven different teams won All Irelands in that time. We idly wondered why Dublin , with such a huge population, couldn't get their s**t together. Then along comes a Gaa think tank with a plan and we are now faced with the annual procession. If it ain't broke and all that.....

Llaw_Gyffes (Mayo) - Posts: 874 - 29/08/2017 22:52:31    2040465


Replying To catch22:  "Jesus , even a one word reply thread depends into this crap."
Aw bless!

Llaw_Gyffes (Mayo) - Posts: 874 - 29/08/2017 22:53:11    2040467



GaryMc82 (Derry) - Posts: 3002 - 30/08/2017 21:54:23    2040903


Mayo. Dublin havent played a team in the championship that have gone toe to toe with them. Mayo to put them to the pin of their collar and sneak it

fireinthebelly (Galway) - Posts: 73 - 30/08/2017 22:41:12    2040923