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As customers Should we see Referee reports

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Replying To Torcaill:  "You are entitled to disagree!!! However, you have failed to identify one valid reason why Joe Soap should have an entitlement to see a refs report. Just because you might be a GAA member? This gives you no right!!! Would be the same to look for details of disciplinary procedures taken against a fellow employee in your job. I should be entitled to see it as I work in the same company!!!!"
No, he was talking about Joe Sop, not Joe Soap. It's like people confusing Habitat with HabitHAT, which has never happened before and a good job too.

MedwayIrish (Wexford) - Posts: 2324 - 23/08/2017 09:55:42    2036653


Brictop and med whatever

Tomsmith here

In relation to getting sight of the poor Referees report I feel that he/she (Remember we have an Inter County Lady ref Maggie Farrelly) has to make call on things with a reasonable time frame. I see that the Referee where a person is hurted now waits until the player gets up before he deals with the alleged offender. No doubt he is getting it is his ear from the powers above. But the incindent that proves most contentious is where he does not see things himself but again gets it in his ear from a third party and he deals with the matter like if he saw it. That is what I would like to see sight of what do the others tell the poor Referee, should it be a linesman, the man with the white Coat ie Umpire or 4th official, all seem to be capable of having an input

tomsmith (Cavan) - Posts: 3167 - 25/08/2017 22:42:01    2037782


It'd be funny if you were allowed see a company's internal documentation simply by virtue of being a customer.

Imagine your average punter walking into McDonalds and asking "Show me your electricity bill, equipment servicing receipts, and your manager's payslip. As a customer I'm entitled to see these things"

CastleBravo (Meath) - Posts: 1176 - 26/08/2017 14:11:25    2037944


Replying To bricktop:  "Surely you know who your club secretary is, ask them. It's not rocket science."
sounds like a grumpy old man with an inferiority complex victor meldrew springs to mind, who isn't a member of a club or a very inactive member of which there are hundreds who does not know the workings of the gaa but goes to a game or two, shouts at every tackle/ decision made was the counties best unseen talent and would be the best manager/ selector ever only he's too nosey to know whats going on without putting in the effort but thrives on gossip and hearsay

bulmccabe (Tyrone) - Posts: 338 - 26/08/2017 23:32:34    2038383