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Dublin vs Monaghan

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no its not but mayo and kerry are around the same level as the best in ulster. dublin will roast mayo too. wait and see...

Live_Wire (Monaghan) - Posts: 35 - 27/08/2017 23:13:13    2038992


Replying To cavanman47:  "2nd best team in ulster???

They're Antrim with a top class forward.

Tyrone will be all sorts of levels above them and ye will most definitely have your work cut out to beat them!"
I would accept that from a lot of counties but god help ya, from a cavan man. u need ur head checked. 70% of the monaghan team would walk into the Cavan team. Weren't u ever told to never throw stones at a glass house.

stvictor (Monaghan) - Posts: 52 - 28/08/2017 18:53:29    2039543